What Is The Routing Number for Bank of America?

What is the routing number for Bank of America? It looks like the primary routing number for ACH transactions for Bank of America is below:


This routing number is primarily going to be used for EFT and ACH transfers and can work for wire transfers depending on bank type. Typically for Bank of America there is going to be a different Fed Wire Reference number that needs to be used for Fed Wire Transfers to take place.

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What Is The Primary Routing Number for Bank of America?

Much like Fifth Third Bank, there are multiple routing numbers for Bank of America, typically chunked out by Branch offices in different states. These are below:

Alabama 51000017
Delaware 31202084
Florida, East 63100277
Florida, West 63100277
Georgia 61000052

Along with different routing numbers for each state and county in the US. Bank of America is one of the most popular banks that also has one of the highest numbers of Branch offices in the nation.

What can the B of A Routing Number Tell You?

The Bank of America routing number is generally going to tell you one of two things. How you can route ACH or EFT funds, or how you can send out a FED wire transfer. Routing numbers are going to be public in both instances.

Final Thoughts On What Is The Routing Number for Bank of America?

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