Does Elon Musk Have Aspergers, My SNL Opinion

Does Elon Musk have aspergers, my opinion on the latest SNL episode is that it is hilarious, and that no matter what Elon Musk has, I love the guy and I aspire to his work ethic and intelligence. Whatever Elon Musk has, he has better people skills than he thinks, he has effectively mobilized entire companies around him, he has gotten some of the smartest people in the world to work for him, and now he has increased his name recognition and branding for both his own companies and share prices, and for the NBC and SNL brand, in a way that was possibly insurmountable before. I am amazed at who Elon Musk is as a human being and at the strength he has and of what he can do, and in this blog post, I’ll walk through some of his Does Elon Musk Have Aspergers?greatest achievements, and of what Jordan Peterson would tell us about how we can improve and be more like him in our day to day lives. For more information, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information!

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Does Elon Musk Have Aspergers – Probably So But Why Not!

So, there are a few things that I’ve gotten from psychology podcasts as of late that can maybe help us to be more like Elon Musk, with the main one being incremental improvements. Jordan Peterson says shoot for 1% improvement every single day, because eventually, it’ll start to compound and spiral yourself upward in a pretty major way. 1000*1.01*365 is 25x as good as you are year over year. I can personally say that I am twice the man I was twelve months ago, and that I am probably something like 5 to 10 times the man in all facets of life, study habits, discipline, persistence, overall skillset, knowledge, people skills etc, that I was 3 to 5 years ago. This is my best advice to you for how you can one day become more like Elon Musk!

Final Thoughts on the SNL Elon Musk Skit

Elon Musk said at one point in the show “To anyone I’ve offended, I just want to say did you think I was a normal Joe dude? I make electric cars and send people to Mars on a rocket ship.” Elon Musk’s appearance on SNL received national media attention over the past several weeks, and really helped to propel SNL back from what was previously its quickly souring ratings. Elon Musk, given his eccentric personality, and amazing brain, has significantly boosted the SNL ratings. Musk threw in a final jab about his great media outlet, saying Tesla does not have to spend billions on advertising so long as he has platforms like Twitter and SNL, well played sir!



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