How Much Money Does Rick Grimes Make? Salaries in the Walking Dead

So, lets dig into it, how much money does Rick Grimes make in the Walking Dead? In this blog post, I will look at both how much money Rick Grimes is making as a character in the walking dead, as well as the salary of the actual actor himself Andrew Lincoln. In the show, while I know there is technically no “money” anymore, there is the concept of resources. Tools, weapons, a good camp, people, political capital, food, clean water, shelter, etc. all still exist. I’ve also noticed that Rick Grimes is one of the tough people in the show who make it to the very end, him alongside Daryl and just about everyone else in his camp. He also has different levels of the dominance hierarchy that he hits in the show due to his place as a fighter in the hierarchy of competence. Let’s say that when everything initially breaks down he is on about $35,000 per year, he still has his weapons and police station. At the farm, he’s at about $50,000, there’s health insurance, medical care, the whole 9 yards. When they are on the road after this for about 8 months straight, they’re basically scavengers, fighting to stay alive and to get something to eat, this puts them basically on the equivalent of food stamps income of say $10,000 per year. Consequently, at the prison yard that they take over, they are back at say $35,000 to $40,000 per year, there’s food, water and shelter. Once they get to Alexandria, which is basically their safe haven, they all have their own houses, perfect running water, and relative safety. They are living on something like $100,000 per year, there is a doctor, health care, haircuts, a school, etc. And so, in this blog post, lets look at the incomes of Rick Grimes and Andrew Lincoln, read on or subscribe to our blog for more details and information.

How Much Money Does Rick Grimes Make in Season 1?

So, in season 1, they are at that little camp with Shane and the rest of the group, and they have some leftover food from the camper. They are essentially living on the equivalent of about $1,000 USD per month, and probably a little bit less. They’re basically in the situation of being in the worst college dorm room in existence and not being able to pay rent. In 2021, they would be considered to be at the very bottom of the dominance hierarchy, and were not necessarily in a great spot, even though they were a tad bit safer because they are out in the country.

How Much Money Does Andrew Lincoln Make Per Episode?

On the flip side of this, Andrew Lincoln makes something like $70,000 per episode, which is around $1,000,000.00 per season, for a $10,000,000+, not including sponsorships, other acting gigs, commercials, and the investment interest and appreciation from that kind of net worth. He has about How Much Money Does Rick Grimes Make?$20,000,000.00 in net worth in real life, which would give him $50,000 per month to live off of, and which would put him at the top .5% of the United States dominance hierarchy, making him among the wealthiest in the entire world by far. In real life, Rick Grimes is living like a king, and is one of the luckiest people in the entire world.

How Much Money Does Rick Make in Season 2 at the Farm?

At the farm, they are living on something like $40,000 USD per year. They are farming, which means that they have food, Hershel is a doctor, which means that they have medical care, and some degree of security, heck they even each have a bedroom here. Season two was not too bad until the battle of the farm just before season 3, and this was the second nicest place that they stayed at the entirety of the walking dead.

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How Much Money Are Rick and His Crew Living Off of In Season 3?

In the prison, they’re back to living on something like $18,000 or so per year, maybe getting up to the $24,000 per year range or so at some point once they got the area really nice. By contrast, those living at Woodberry during this time, were each living on something like $50,000 to $60,000 per year each, and had access to medical care, engineers, a really nice library, and a host of other really sweet amenities. So in this season, they are living on something like $2,000/m each.

How Much Is Rick Grimes Living Off of in Alexandria?

Once Rick and the team gets to Alexandria, they are finally living in something of a sanctuary that they found, and while the people of Alexandria are good, they are weak, although they have morals unlike the Governor in season 3 of the show. They each are living off of something like $100,000 per year (maybe $75,000 per year each) in this season, as they each have homes, running water, plumbing, access to schools and education, architects, medical care, resources, food and water, and a host of other delicacies. They even offer Rick Grimes a haircut and a shave when he first gets there!

How Much Money Does Rick Grimes Make In Season 7 and Beyond?

Season 7 and beyond, while I haven’t seen this far into the show, it looks like they are stuck at around the $12,000 to $18,000 per year range of living, living on a barn and camping on the road at one point. At the end of the show, it looks like they may even end up on some type of a military base as Rick Grimes is taken away to somewhere by helicopter, the Walking Dead movie will show us how much Rick Grimes is living on at this point.

Final Thoughts on How Much Money Does Rick Grimes Make? My Take on the Character

What did you think of this analysis of the finances of Rick Grimes? Leave a comment down below and be sure to subscribe to our blog for additional details and information. I’ve got to say that the Walking Dead is one of the best shows that I have ever seen, and that if you are just now starting the show, I have got to tell you, be careful because it is freakishly addicting. Thanks for reading.







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