Call of Duty Zombies Money, The Finances of Zombies

In this blog post, we talk about some Call of Duty Zombies money,  and give a full on Financial Analysis from a personal finance perspective about some of the harsh realities of money, momentum, and how personal finances work from the perspective of this video game. I’ve been remote in my job for about the last month or so now, and so I’ve had a lot of extra time to sit around and do nothing, I have used this time to mainly sit around and play video games (which ironically has given me some new ideas for a possible Youtube channel in the gaming niche, so I guess being lazy does have its perks sometimes.) Anyhow, in playing the new Fire Pit map on the Call of Duty Cold War video game, I have come to the realization that there are actually some decent finance lessons that arise from playing this game, so that’s what I’ll write about in today’s blog post! For more information, subscribe to our blog or comment down below for additional details and information.

My Favorite money lessons from call of duty zombies include:

Save your moneyCall of Duty Zombies Money

Don’t Gamble!

Sometimes risks can really pay off!

Risks only work when you have money

Personal finance savings

Always have an Emergency Fund!

401K Investing Can Really Add Up

Long Term thinking only works if you survive the short term!

Don’t Get Greedy

Helping others in need has pro’s and cons

And many more financial ideas. I’ll explain all of these in detail through metaphors found in the game, read on for more information!

Call of Duty Zombies Money, Life Lessons Learned on Finance

So, going off of the above list, there are some fantastic life lessons that you can notice quite quickly when playing a round of zombies in call of duty.

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  1. The importance of saving money – This ties into having an emergency fund that is liquid as well. If in the game, new perks and weapons are considered your stock market investments, in that you can make money off of them in the future, it is also important to have a liquid emergency fund. There’s no sense in reinvesting all of your profits into stock market investments (these would be your pack-a punches etc.), if you are going to get injured, lose your jug and all your other perks, and have to start from scratch buying everything in your path. You need to always have enough of an emergency fund in the game to get at least Jug (2500) and a good job (500), then you can think about investing in the stock market (pack-a punching.)
  2. The importance of investing – If you sit on cash all day in this game you will get killed, it makes no sense to save money for the future if you need to buy something now that will get you through the next week (basically spending money on necessities so you can make more money.) This is essentially telling you how to invest in a 401K at different parts of your life, 401K investing only works if you have say 12 months + expenses, a good career and a stable job, then you can think about investing. This is because if you get fired, all of the 401K contributions in the world aren’t going to save you if you are in crisis mode now trying to pay living expenses or pay down debt.
  3. Don’t gamble or take Financial Risks until you can afford to – In Call of Duty, you are better off not playing the mystery box right off the bat, as you will spend all of your money on it and won’t have perks, etc. However, once you get higher up in the game, and you have say 20,000, the box can be a great ally, as getting Ray Mark II and pack-a punching it might just save your life and get you to higher levels of the game. In real world finance, this is a good lesson, it makes no sense to take business or stock market risks if you are struggling to pay living expenses or if you still have debt, however if you have an emergency fund and a good job, you can definitely start investing and it is actually to your benefit to take some risks at this point.

Financial Lessons from Call of Duty, Things to Take Note of

So, the game actually does a pretty good job of teaching some basic finance lessons, such as always have an emergency fund, when you are in good financial shape you can take more financial risks, make sure to never gamble more than you can really afford to, and always work your but off! Also, it shows you that momentum is key to making money, so build it and press on it at all costs!

Final Thoughts on My Call of Duty Zombies Money Blog Post, What I Think of The Game

And so, these are some of the main and basic financial lessons that you can quite easily see in the game Call of Duty Zombies, and they are a pretty good bench mark for your real-world finances in life. What did you think of my financial analysis of Call of Duty Zombies? Leave a comment down below and let us know what you think and be sure to subscribe for regular blog post updates.







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