3 05, 2020

What is an Index Fund vs Mutual Fund? The Best Way to Invest

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What is an Index Fund vs Mutual Fund? What's the Difference Between Index and Mutual Funds? Two of the most common types of funds that are typically invested in by wise investors are index funds and mutual funds. Now, whether or not you know what a mutual fund or an index fund are, after this article you will have a good understanding of what both of them do and how to get the best yield out of both of them. The [...]

27 04, 2020

What is an Exchange Traded Fund, the Key to Unlocking Full Investment Potential

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What is an Exchange Traded Fund, Unlocking a Balanced Portfolio with Stocks You Want An exchange traded fund or an ETF is a type of mutual fund that tracks a specific set of securities that the ETF manager , typically a broker, manage is. ETF's are able to track specific indexes and will often contain a collection of stocks and bonds. Hopefully, throughout this article will answer your question of what is an exchange traded fund and give you a few [...]