How Much Money Can You Make Per Month With Doordash? How I Make $3,000 Per Month Working Part Time

How much money can you make per month with Doordash? In this article, I wanted to take the time to run through my experience trying to make monthly income with Doordash. Here I will tell you how much you can realistically expect to make per day, per week, per hour and per year as a Dasher! I actually had a decent takeaway this weekend, in say 5 hours of total driving, spread out in little stints across 2 days, I made $100 in total income, $80 of which I took home after taxes. I go with a partner so it is much easier and more fun, and it definitely makes the day go by a lot faster. I typically do it in 2 to 3 hour shifts and then come home. Overall, in say 5 or 6 hours of total driving this weekend, we brought in nearly $200 between the two of us, here’s my 2 cents on how to make money with Doordash, and for how much you can expect to get for your time.

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How Much Money You Can Expect to Make With Doordash, Hourly And Daily Rates

Typical average rate is around $20 to $25 per hour for Doordash Driver’s. The job is fairly laid back, and while it does give you a certain time allotment to get to the next house, it is not a huge deal. Being I work in corporate during the day and the week, I spend a portion of my nights and weekends doing Doordash for a bit of extra cash, I put on a hat and pretend that I’m Batman or that I’m Walter White from Breaking Bad dropping off deals to try and pass the time a bit (lol). One thing you’ll notice is that time goes really fast when you’re sitting there driving, 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there, 15 minutes there, it all adds up, and before you know it, the sun will be down and you’ll still be dashing away.

Here’s my advice:

Do the Walmart Pick-Ups – You can do the Walmart Pickups but be careful with them. Sometimes you can make $40 or $50 on a single order, and sometimes they will have you driving all across town and wasting too much time. If it is one house or apartment that you are taking care of here, it may very well be worth it. Otherwise, you can probably make more waiting for resturaunts.

Check the Location Before You Go – I have ended up in some BAD neighborhoods by missing this crucial step.

Don’t take any orders under $4 or $5 – Not worth your time.

Accept all the McDonald’s orders – They are quick and painless

Have Fun doing it! Bring a friend with you, get a soda, jam out in the car, and stay in your lane. Overall, it is not a bad gig if you can make it fun. And with a month of consistently or inconsistently doing it, you can absolutely find yourself with an extra $500 to $2,000 in your pocket.

Here’s what the Money Situation Looks Like With Doordash

Say you drive for 5 hours on a Sunday. You can expect to have between $100 and $125 deposited into your account. If you wanted to wake up early and work from 8am to midnight on a Sunday, realistically there are going to be breaks, delays, slow periods, etc. So expect to earn something like $250 or so for that long of a shift. If you have the energy and the work ethic to do this however, you can really grind and make some cash with the app.

What About Gas and Wear and Tear on Your Vehicle?

So I figure you profit around $1.00 per mile that you drive with Doordash, and that you lose $0.25 that you drive with it. After taxes, wear and tear and gas, take 60% of whatever your deposit amount is and that’s how much money you have actually PROFITED from your driving. So in my case, here’s what I’d like to end up doing with it:

Sunday – Grind half the day, $50 to $75 in profits

Monday – Night work, $25

Tuesday – Night work, $40

Wednesday – Night work, $40

Thursday – Night work, $40

Friday – Grind that night, make $75.

Saturday – Grind like crazy, make $200 for the day.

I think that this schedule for me is realistically aggressive here. This should add up to something like $475 or $500 per week, just from half-ass doing Doordash. At the end of the month this is say $1800 to $2,000 per month, which ends in take home pay of between $1,000 to $1200 each month when it is all said and done. If you go with a partner, cut this down a bit too, unless you each have the app and can get more orders out of it.

Overall not the worst side hustle in the world, the key is that you have to do it every single day and then it adds up. At the end of the year, you might find your salary has increased between $15,000 or $20,000 for your efforts. Overall I’d give it say a C+. Happy Dashing!






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