SEO vs Day Trading, And Why SEO Works Better

In this SEO vs Day Trading blog post, an excerpt from my new Ebook! If you have the Ebook, thanks for subscribing and thanks for being a reader, enjoy chapter 1!

If you are reading this E-Book, then congratulations on subscribing to what I think is a really awesome website! My partner and I have made it a mission of ours for the last 2 years or so to make it as quality as humanly possible, to regularly deliver a high volume of content, and to entertain all of our readers on all things business. In this E-Book, I am going to show you why I think stock market day trading is of little to no value, at least financially, of why you can make far more money investing with a proper and passively managed Index Fund strategy, and of how the real way to day trade in 2020 is through using another passion of mine, known as SEO. 

To keep it short, SEO is just like day trading, and if you are a finance buff that is reading this, even if you don’t consider yourself something of a computer nerd, it is in your financial interest to pick up SEO instead of day trading for one simple reason, the research shows that a proper SEO does the job and makes you long term money, while day trading does the exact opposite, sucking up all of your time and actually losing you money in the process. This e-Book might blow your mind, but it can also make you a lot of money if you are open-minded enough to read it. And so, let’s continue here on our path to financial greatness, pushing on as I walk you through SEO, and why you should invest time in learning it if you want to make money in Finance. 

SEO vs Day Trading, How I Learned My Lesson

A little bit about me and why you should listen, I have a BA in Finance and Accounting, have been in the field of Financial Analysis for the last 3 years, and am extremely well versed on the subject. With this being said, I have made tens of thousands of dollars online with SEO and I firmly believe that I can teach you how to do the exact same thing, even from scratch. Watch and learn and get your pencils ready, you are about to take in a very high volume of technical information. But trust me, should you stay the course, the profits will follow!

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Chapter 1 – Finance vs SEO and Day Trading vs SEO, What Works and What Doesn’t

Finance and SEO are very similar in a lot of ways, in that, at least in my opinion, I think they overlap in interests, and they probably use the same parts of the brain. Anyone who is really good at Finance will tell you that writing and speaking (also known as verbal intelligence) are a huge part of being good in the field of Finance. It’s one thing to know the numbers, its another to be able to SEO vs Day Tradingexplain them to a client in the way that actually sells the product. I am finding that my writing and speaking ability has helped me out far more in the field than being good with numbers has, you need to be able to talk and speak to clients, to write a ridiculous amount of emails to persuade people that you are correct, and more things of that nature than doing analytics. Even as say a Financial Analyst, as opposed to a Wealth Management Strategist, you will need to be able to present your reports to accountants, other analysts, and executives who may not be as well versed in finances as you may think (I deal with them all day….trust me just because they are a CEO does not mean they can read a balance sheet.) 

And here’s where I think the similarities with SEO come in, SEO uses pretty much the same skills that Finance does, you need a blend of verbal and mathematical skills. Whereas if you were an author you would be expected to read and write at a high level with no math involved, and whereas say an analyst you would be expected to deal with numbers quite a bit, in SEO you are going to be combining words with analytics/numbers! Just like in Finance, where you will need words to explain the numbers on conference calls, you will need to write blog posts, and have the creativity to put together content ideas, while also being able to analyze the Search Engine rankings, and tell what type of content is working vs what is not working. 

Final Thoughts on SEO vs Day Trading, And Why SEO is Better

I have also found that having an SEO background will help you learn Finance, and that having a Finance background will help you to learn SEO. Personally, I was interested in Finance first, however the one that I most seriously dived into first, to really an obsessive degree, was SEO. My initial dive into both of these was through picking up day trading and active investment books. I first read about Nicholas Darvas and his “Box System Theory” and I then pivoted into reading about Peter Lynch and a host of other great investors. From here, I sort of lost touch with Finance for quite a bit, still keeping up with the market and dabbling with trading here and there, but as I quickly would find out, SEO was much more lucrative. Read on for more details and information, and subscribe to our blog to get the full Ebook. Till next time, you heard it first right here at Inflation 


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