5 05, 2020

Is Bobby Axelrod Based on Steve Cohen?

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Is Bobby Axelrod Based on Steve Cohen? Parallel's Between Axe and The Real Life Billionaire Steven Cohen I got the inspiration for this blog post several months ago while I was at work. A few mutual fund salesman had walked into the office of the bank that I work at, and had started talking about the TV show billions, and discussing how they knew that Bobby Axelrod was based on Steve Cohen and how it was a really cool show. Now [...]

20 04, 2020

Lara Axelrod Billions, My Review of Axelrod’s Wife

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Lara Axelrod Billions, My Review of Bobby Axelrod's Wife From The Show Billions The following blog post will look into the character Larah Axelrod, also known as Bobby Axelrod‘s wife the main character, from the hit TV show billions. Their Axelrod is a strong, formidable, smart woman, what time and time again throughout the show constantly has her own business interests, friends, love affairs, and the like. They were Axelrod repeatedly shows your intelligence, in ways like sales, especially in the [...]

19 04, 2020

Bobby Axelrod Billions, Why Axe is a Hedge Fund King

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The Bobby Axelrod Billions Character, Why Bobby Axelrod is a Great Hedge Fund Manager The following blog post look into the fictional character Bobby Axelrod end of his dealings in running a multi billion dollar hedge fund. Personally, as someone with a finance degree, and investor, a blogger on finances, and someone who is extremely interested in financing money all around, I find the show billions extremely entertaining. The following blog post looking for fictional character Bobby Axelrod, I will go [...]