23 04, 2020

What is The Best IQ For Investing? Warren Buffett Says About 120

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What is the Best IQ For Investing? And how much does intelligence matter with regards to making money in the stock market?  The following blog post will look in the correlation between IQ and investing, and will explain how intelligence isn’t necessarily that relevant when picking stocks, or deciding who can be a great investor. Warren Buffett said it best, when he said I’ll take a guy with an IQ of 130, hard work ethic, and good knowledge about the stock [...]

23 04, 2020

Make Money in Stocks, the Surefire Technique for Financial Growth

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Make Money in Stocks, the Safe Method for Betting on Stocks Today we'll be talking about a question that many people ask themselves, financial advisers, friends, family, anyone who's ever had a brokerage account, and anyone who's ever studied finance in college. How do you make money in stocks? The stock market has been around for over a century, it seems like by now we should have an answer. Something that says exactly how you're supposed to invest and make money [...]