12 05, 2020

Apple Stock Review, Is the Tech Giant Worth Buying?

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Apple Stock Review, Why the Stock isn't Worth Your Money As one of the largest tech companies, Apple is a global dominator in phone manufacturing and personal computing. Apple has far more beneath the surface than just some fancy looking phones, but today we're not here to talk about their fancy phones. We're here to talk about Apple stock and give it a full review with fundamental analysis of Apple's current stock price, past stock price, and possible future given its [...]

3 05, 2020

Chewy IPO, How Does Chewy Compare to Pets.com?

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Chewy IPO, Can the Pet Supply Company Survive? An IPO for a company such as Chewy could easily be considered either a huge mistake or a sign that consumers are ready and willing to buy pet food, toys, and other accessories online. Due to the fact that Chewy has some striking similarities to a company that many people have heard of that is a common example of stocks during the.com bubble known as pets.com, many people believe that the tech/retail company [...]

27 04, 2020

What is an Exchange Traded Fund, the Key to Unlocking Full Investment Potential

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What is an Exchange Traded Fund, Unlocking a Balanced Portfolio with Stocks You Want An exchange traded fund or an ETF is a type of mutual fund that tracks a specific set of securities that the ETF manager , typically a broker, manage is. ETF's are able to track specific indexes and will often contain a collection of stocks and bonds. Hopefully, throughout this article will answer your question of what is an exchange traded fund and give you a few [...]

25 04, 2020

Airbnb IPO, A Hotel Stock During a Pandemic?

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Airbnb IPO, Buy or Bye? An IPO, or initial public offering, is an important time for any company, and causes everyone to consider whether or not they are ready to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In Airbnb's case it is one of the highest valuated companies pre-IPO. Now, this could signal that Airbnb will continue to do so well and an Airbnb IPO would be incredibly lucrative to invest in, or, given the recent statistics in the wake [...]

25 04, 2020

Robinhood IPO, Speculating on the Popular Trading App

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Robinhood IPO, Should You Buy Robinhood Stock When Offered? An IPO, or initial public offering, is a company's first listing on the New York Stock Exchange. Once a company launches on the stock market, anyone with a brokerage account, or a Robinhood account for that matter, will be able to purchase shares in the company being listed. For many tech companies an IPO has often signaled a huge jump in the number of investors and the price of the company's stock. [...]

24 04, 2020

Benefits of Diversifying, Make Your Friends Jealous of Your Portfolio

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Benefits of Diversifying, Long Term Investment Made Simple Diversifying your portfolio is the act of spreading out the amount of money that you invest among several different assets and industries in order to offset any losses and guarantee good returns. Diversification involves splitting your money across US stock, foreign stock, bonds, and short-term investments. Benefits of diversifying include Peace of Mind, better returns on average, increased investment experience, and long term financial security. Peace of Mind Peace of Mind comes from [...]

23 04, 2020

What is The Best IQ For Investing? Warren Buffett Says About 120

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What is the Best IQ For Investing? And how much does intelligence matter with regards to making money in the stock market?  The following blog post will look in the correlation between IQ and investing, and will explain how intelligence isn’t necessarily that relevant when picking stocks, or deciding who can be a great investor. Warren Buffett said it best, when he said I’ll take a guy with an IQ of 130, hard work ethic, and good knowledge about the stock [...]

22 04, 2020

What is a Penny Stock? And Why You Should Likely Avoid These

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What is a Penny Stock? And Why It Is Generally Recommended That You Avoid These A penny stock, is defined as the stock that is worth five dollars a share or less. It is classified as a penny stock because they’re typically low-carb, high risk stocks that are usually made out of garbage. If you ever seen the movie the Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, the star of the movie the Wolf of Wall Street, essentially got rich entirely off [...]