What Is Marty Byrdes IQ? My Estimate Of How Smart This TV Show Accountant Really Is

What is Mary Byrde’s IQ? My guess is about 145. In this article, I’ll come up with an intelligence quotient estimate for our favorite TV show finance guy, Marty Byrde, in that I will show you all the multiple different skillsets that Marty Byrde uses at an expert level simultaneously. From watching the show, it looks like Marty has competency, proficiency, or expert level skills in all of the following, in order to run his operation:

Financial Advising – Expert Level

Stock Trading/Capital Management – Expert Level

Accounting and Bookkeeping – Expert Level

What Is Marty Byrdes IQ?Tax – High Competence Level

Corporate Structures and Legal Structures – Expert Level

Computer Programming – Competent Level

Law – Low level competence

People Skills – High competence level

Public Speaking – Competent Level

Negotiation – High Competent Level

Persistence – High Competent Level

AML and Financial Compliance – Expert Level

I’ll also reveal what this characters Big 5 Personality Model looks like, and will describe how he would likely see certain events through his mind. Be sure to read on and subscribe to our blog for additional details and information on all things business and Finance!

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What is Marty Byrdes IQ? The IQ of Typical People Who Work in His Chosen Fields

Someone who is just a high level Accountant is likely going to have an IQ of like 120. The same goes for Financial Advising. Add to this the fact that he is using all of these skills together at once, and we have a very intelligent individual here. I am putting Marty Byrde in the top 1% most intelligent people on the planet. Software Engineers alone can have an IQ level of 130, and most of them aren’t also AML specialists, Forensic Accountants, and Financial Advisors all at the same time. Not to mention managing all the myriad of businesses that Marty Byrde runs.

Why Marty Bryde Is Almost Like the Da-Vinci of His Field

I say he is like Da Vinci because Leonardo Davinci was a Renaissance man! He was a painter, an Engineer, a Mathematician, a Scientist, a Lawyer, a Businessman, you name it, the dude was really really good in like multiple fields. You almost never see someone in the field of Finance as well rounded as Marty Byrde is. Even I don’t have the skillet that this guy does and I’ve got the following skills under my belt in my field:


Financial Advising

Accounting and Bookkeeping



But in a way Software Engineering is a heck of a lot tougher than my SEO project. He is an exceptionally gifted individual for sure, and I give him the top ranking of the show for the most intelligent character.

Final Thoughts On What Is Marty Byrdes IQ?

Agree with my analysis of Marty Byrde? Miss Ozark and want them to come back with a sequel show? Leave a comment down below and let me know what you think, and be sure to subscribe to our blog for additional details and information on all things business and Finance. Thanks for reading!




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