Does OUSA Pay A Monthly Dividend? What Is The Dividend Yield of O’Shares And Why I Love Their Monthly Dividend Payout

Does OUSA pay a monthly dividend? And what is the Dividend Yield of O’Shares, the popular Kevin O’Leary Dividend fund ETF? In this blog post, I will run through the holdings in the Kevin O’Leary ETF Fund, why I will be buying some because they are the only decently diversified fund that I can think of where you can both A. Get Crypto exposure and B. Get Paid a Monthly Dividend Without paying for Non Qualified Dividends or taking on too much REIT exposure. Having realized that he is both taking a 20% stake in Crypto and that he pays out a monthly dividend yield of 1.6% annually, I will be taking up a small stake in his ETF fund, and I’ll tell you why in this blog post, as well as why I highly respect him as a salesman and investor. For more details and information on all things business and finance, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

The top 25 Holdings in Kevin O’Leary’s Fund Include the following:

Crypto Funds at 20% of the Fund

Does OUSA Pay A Monthly Dividend?Johnson and Johnson

Proctor and Gamble

Verizon Wireless



Home Depot


Lockheed Martin


United Health Group Inc


Eli Lilly and Co

Cisco Systems Inc

Texas Instruments


Abbot Laboratories – Love this company given their most recent COVID vaccine discoveries.

Coca Cola




Blackstone Inc

Accenture PLC

Illinois Tool Works Inc

Union Pacific Corp


And more! Read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information regarding the holdings in Kevin O’Leary’s Fund. I find it very interesting that given Kevin O’Leary’s motto of “No more than 5% in any one stock and never more than 20% in any one sector” that he has near-deviated from this with his current Crypto Positions, but he is still keeping in line with his principles in total.

Does OUSA Pay A Monthly Dividend? Why This Is The Best ETF For Monthly Income

I will be putting around $8,000 into OUSA, Kevin O’Leary’s fund that pays a MONTHLY Dividend on the first of each Month! Kevin O’Leary also set out to create a portfolio that would reduce volatility and he has done just that, being down only 5.5% on the year whereas the S and P 500 and Dow Jones, even with the Bear Bounce that is just starting to kick in, is still down 8.5%, not a bad run for Kevin. The Ex Dividend dates are also extremely close to the payout dates, which you don’t see super often. It looks like Kevin is doing everything possible to grab Assets Under Management, and he is most definitely winning the game in doing so, I love this monthly Dividend strategy since it returns Capital to investors every 30 days! Give me some OUSA shares today!

Why I’m Betting On The Kevin O’Leary Fund, Dividend Stocks And Crypto

With $1,400,000,000.00 in Assets Under Management, and with that number scaling extremely quickly, even with it’s low expense ratio of .48% each year, I would say that O’Shares is definitely a buy. He only buys stocks that pay a dividend, and I love the fact that monthly, he returns Dividends to Investors. And while this stock will likely never match the returns of the S and P, psychologically, I am going to purchase a very small amount of this ETF, say $4,000 to $8,000, just so I am getting a monthly income for life off of the Security. I can’t wait to get my first Dividend Payment on May 1st!

Why My Portfolio Will Still Be Primarily Index Funds Even With All These Additional Stocks

My Portfolio is still going to be more like 85% to 90% Index Funds, including Global Exposure (Dividend is higher) and the S and P 500, which will always likely be my biggest holding in the portfolio. I could very well just park all of my Capital into the S and P 500 and profit a bit more over time, but where’s the fun in that! Plus the fact that all these ETFs return Capital to Investors, I would say that having an additional income should help me to stay invested for longer and therefore have better long run returns in my portfolio.

Final Thoughts On Does OUSA Pay A Monthly Dividend? My Opinion

A monthly Dividend that pays on the 1st of each month like a paycheck from work, lower volatility than the actual stock market, and diversified unlike if you were to buy an individual Dividend Growth Stock. Don’t expect S and P 500 returns necessarily with this Kevin O’Leary ETF, but I would say this is not a bad buy given the amazing and consistent Return of Capital that you will get off purchasing the security. For more details and information on all things business and finance, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.






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