Is Suze Orman Betting On Crypto Currency? Why She Is Taking The 5% Portfolio Allocation Stance

Suze Orman, the well-known personal finance expert, has been known to be quite critical of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Recently however, she stated that she is willing to take a 5% portfolio allocation stance in cryptocurrency. In this blog post, we’ll answer the question of is Suze Orman betting on Cryptocurrency, and why she likely came around.

Is Suze Orman Betting on Cryptocurrency?There are many reasons why Suze Orman could be changing her mind on Bitcoin, and I would imagine it relates to some of the following factors:

  1. The amazing marketing traction that you can get from being a popular Financial Guru that gives an Endorsement to Bitcoin. Kevin O’Leary, the Winklevoss Twins, Suze Orman, and a host of other Guru’s in the financial space have given their 2 cents on Bitcoin, with massive marketing benefits.
  2. She see how high inflation is, which is why I have taken a position on it, and sees that in the short, medium and long term, that it could absolutely help to reduce the detrimental effects of Inflation on your portfolio. When your capital is bleeding out 10% a year just for keeping it in cash, it’s time to take a risk to keep your assets alive and well.
  3. She sees the diversification benefits of having it, and the fact that a ton of Institutional money, including some massive Hedge Funds and ETFs, are now pouring cash into it.
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Why Might Suze Orman Have Changed Her Mind On Buying Crypto?

It’s no secret that Suze Orman is a world-renowned personal finance expert. So when she speaks, people listen – especially when it comes to investing.

That’s why her recent comments on cryptocurrency are so interesting.

In a recent interview, Orman said that she is now willing to take a 5% stake in Bitcoin or other Crypto Assets within her portfolio.

This is a massive change of heart from Orman, who has previously been very critical of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. And so is Suze Orman betting on cryptocurrency, and why the sudden change of heart from the top TV Advisor?

Why Suze Orman Probably Had A Change Of Heart? Why Is Suze Orman Betting on Cryptocurrency?

There are many factors that could be at play here. First of all, the sheer marketing power of being a popular financial guru that gives an endorsement to Bitcoin, and on top of that, just the way the US Interest Rate Market is going right now. I am giving my own personal endorsement to Bitcoin on this blog and am putting 20% of my portfolio into Crypto Based ETF Assets. I want to look back on my Crypto blog posts in 5 to 10 years where I endorsed Crypto, and be looking at my positions with a smile as I see Bitcoin trading at $200,000 a coin.

Final Thoughts On The Suze Orman Change Of Heart With Bitcoin

It is somewhat surprising but also not super surprising to see that Suze Orman has had a change of heart on Crypto. With the amount of money that has been flowing into Bitcoin from institutions over the past several months and with Kevin O’Leary and other Sharks long backing it, Bitcoin is something that I think is ready to go for a massive long term upswing. Thanks for reading.






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