Can SuperPACs Give Money to Candidates? What Is A SuperPac, And How Can Politicians Use A Superpac to raise Campaign Donations?

In the United States, a super PAC is a type of independent political action committee that may accept unlimited campaign contributions from individuals, corporations, labor unions and other organizations. Super PACs are not allowed to make contributions to candidates or parties, but they can engage in unlimited spending independently of the campaigns. In recent years, the use of super PACs has become of recent concern, due to its grey area workings and how it is heavily abused in politics to indirectly raise certain candidates into office. Along with this, because super PACs can accept an unlimited amount of money from individuals, it creates a very unlevel playing field for elections and campaigning. In the 2012 United States presidential election, Restore Our Future, a super PAC supporting Mitt Romney, became notable because it raised significant amounts of money. And so, in this blog post, we look at the question of Can SuperPACs give money to Candidates, and will try to give a 30,000 foot view of the process.

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Can SuperPACs Give Money to Candidates? Yes But Only Indirectly

While super PACs are a relatively new phenomenon in US Politics, they aren’t going away, and if anything it highlights the amazing power of money in Politics, and for controlling our US elections. Like Frank Underwood once said in House of Cards “I’ve always said that power is better than money. But when it comes to winning elections, money gives power, well a run for its money.” A very powerful quote about the power and influence of money in our political system. As with all things, the Dominance Hierarchy and the power of the nobles is about the most real thing there is.

To preface what a Super PAC actually is, a SuperPAC is an Independent Expenditure-Only Political Committee, which serves as a way which political groups can receive unlimited contributions from individuals, corporations and more, as long as it is not directly given to a candidate. My guess is that from this, the money trickles down where the indirect party then contributes it to candidates once it is in there control, because I cannot find a straight answer in terms of how this actually benefits candidates, although we all have an idea that it most definitely does.

Why SuperPACs Can’t Give Money Directly to Politicians

This could significantly bolster corruption in modern politics, and so it is limited to only being done indirectly. Given this fact, it leads to the existence of dark money in modern politics, meaning the hundreds of millions of dollars that flows through to certain candidates remains anonymous due to the existence of SuperPACs, and for the fact that it really cannot be traced who contributes to these things.

My understanding on these types of financial instruments is severely limited, and from the looks of it you would need a degree in campaign finance law in order to understand what is going on here. The gist of what I am getting is that candidates can engage in gaining funds from Political Action committees, but only when it is done indirectly through some political group. My guess is that once funds from SuperPACs are in the Independent Party, the Republican Party or the Democratic National Convention, that they are largely able to use the funds as they wish.

Final Thoughts On Can SuperPACs Give Money to Candidates? My Opinion

Hope you enjoyed my quick 30,000 foot view of what Political Action Committees entail. If you still don’t understand what they are, well then that makes two of us, but I’ve enclosed some resources in the sources below that can hopefully help to clarify it a little better than maybe this article did.


Super Pacs 1

Super Pacs Information 2

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