How Much Money Does The Coast Guard Make

The Coast Guard is a military branch that deals with an array of marine obligations. Primary purposes of the guards are ensuring safe and lawful commerce in achieving rescue missions in severe conditions. Guards perform a number of missions, such as port and water bays security, aiding navigation, and prohibition, among others. Port and water security guards secure the county from attack, the team is trained for terror preparedness, this safeguards the country on the water bodies. All the smugglers are dealt with by the coast guard, this secures the country from illegal substances. Network of symbols and signs are aided by the guard’s facilitating navigation in water bodies. In this blog post, I will seek to educate on the salaries of the Coast Guard, how much money you make based on your ranking in the military branch, and of why it can be an extremely lucrative career over the long term. For more details and information on all things business, finance and careers, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information!

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How Much Money Does The Coast Guard Make, Average Salary By Coast Guard Ranking, A Comprehensive List

An average coast guard soldier earns 95,000 dollars in a year. Guard earns basic salary in absence of bonus and allowances. A guard working in areas such as San Francisco earns slightly higher with an average of 114,850 dollars in a month, this is as because the salary varies with the environment they work. For example, in United States guards’ payment ranges between 18,265-483,218 dollars. However, middle coast members, taking a percentage of 55, earn from 87570-219120, while the top members ranging to 85 percent earn 483,215 dollars.

Each individual in the above discussed payee, pay to 24 percent of the basic salary to federal tax, this is according to 2018 policy. This amount to 77,490 dollars, the amount that a guard receive in a year, and approximate of 3,229 dollars per month, after the taxation. Life guard life quality depend on the pay they receive. For example, for a middle coast member, receives an approximate of 6,455 dollars in a month. If one is living in an average 2-bed room apartment tagged to 2,505 dollars in a month, in addition, to the house bills and other expenses, this will result to a 38 percent of the wage towards rent and other expenses. In conclusion, little payee leads to unfulfilling their life conditions.

In looking at the full list, here is what I could find regarding the comprehensive rankings to pay grade scale:

E1, $1833 per month

E2, $2055 per month

E3, $26K to $29K per year

How Much Money Does The Coast Guard MakeE4, $28k to 35K per year

E5, $31k to 45K per year

E6, $34K to $53K per year

E7, $39,500 to $71,000 per year

E8, $57,000 to $81,000 per year

E9, $69,500 to $108,000 per year

E9 Command Master Chief, $70K to $108,000 per year

E9 Command Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard (Special) $70,000 to $108,000 per year

W-2, $46K to $78K

W-3, $52K to $92K

W-4, $57,000 to $107,000

O-1, $41K to $53K

O-2, $48K to 66K

O-3, $55K to $91K

O-4, $63,000 to $106,000

O-5, $73K to $124K

O-6, $88K to $156K

O-7, $116,000 to $174,000

O-8, Real Admiral, $139,000 to $202,000

O-9, Vice Admiral, $197,000 to $204,000

O-10, Admiral, $17,000 per month

Final Thoughts On How Much Money Does The Coast Guard Make? It Can Be a Good Living

And that is the gist of the salaries of the United States Coast Guard. You can make an extremely good living in the United States military, and can easily retire with a pension and hundreds of thousands of dollars. I believe after 20 years of service you get 50% of your military benefits for life. So if you were making $100,000 per year in the military, you get $50,000 per year for the rest of your life. Not a bad gig!

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