How Does Manufactured Spend Work Reddit?

How does Manufactured spend work? I first heard about manufactured spend through one of the most popular finance Youtube channels on the net, however as someone who tried to pull this off, it is extremely difficult to get this done now, as the credit card companies are catching on due to its popularity and have put terms in their user agreement and software in their CC that is starting to make this borderline impossible.

Just like market inefficiencies with SEO, just like inefficiencies with the stock market etc. Eventually the market catches up and all things become extremely close to efficient. Let’s look at how manufactured spend works, how you used to be able to do it, and how Credit Card companies ironed out the bugs. And so in this blog post, let’s look at the how does manufactured spend work Reddit testomonials!

So Just How Exactly Does Manufactured Spend Work?

Manufactured spend works as the below. You get a card that gives you the highest amount of rewards points possible at the grocery store. An example is the American Express Platinum card where you get 6% cash back at the grocery store. Head over to the gift card isle and buy as much cash as your credit line, and your stomach will tolerate. Say you purchase $5,000 in Visa Gift Cards, you receive $300 in rewards points.

Now to pay off the credit card balance, you simply take the visa gift cards to a moneygram station, and you pay a 2% fee to have the credit card fully paid down. If you’ve solved the puzzle yet, this little glitch in the system means that you get 4% in total of every single dollar that you spend. Best part? The money is tax free because it is technically just a rebate on your credit card, not accrued revenue, so you don’t need to pay a dime in taxes or even report the money!

With all this being said, the market has become much more efficient to this little tweak, and in fact the 6% grocery store cards for American Express, AMEX caught on to this little trick and they now disallow rewards points on any gift cards purchased. It looks like that one guy that made like $315,000 on this ruined it for the rest of us.

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Final Thoughts On How Does Manufactured Spend Work Reddit?

Reddit should have a good amount of additional information on this. And there are tons of Youtube channels dedicated to doing exactly this, which is exactly why the market for it is getting much more efficient and why it is so difficult to pull off. Hope you enjoyed reading, be sure to subscribe for regular finance updates!


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