Why Does Time Seem To Pass Exponentially Faster As You Get Older?

Why Does Time Seem To Pass Exponentially Faster As You Get Older? This is an extremely interesting concept that I have found exists more and more as I age, and even something as simple as moving from 27 to 28 makes me question my own mortality, and makes me begin to realize that time does indeed move forward, that I am indeed just a mortal man, and that this ride absolutely does end. I’m especially curious, excited, and somewhat frightened by the fact that time appears to move faster as time moves forward, meaning we are literally at light speed in terms of how fast our life will flicker by, even if some moments seem to move slower than molasses in January. I read an article, to which I will post the link below to if I can find it, that basically says that time moves exponentially as we age, or I believe it used the term logarithmically instead, which is kind’ve the equal and opposite force to an exponent, to describe how time, or to describe it as our perception of time, appears to move forward as we age.

I think I’m going to do a whole category on this blog about time, as at the end of the day it is absolutely the key to making money, and as the saying goes “time is money” definitely rings true, how you use your time and how patient you are is a huge factor in how much wealth you can accumulate and how quickly. Some additional blog post topics I may consider include the following:

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A decent set of keywords that I can use in future posts. Time is a seemingly limitless topic to cover, and is really an awesome one to write about, even if it can make your head spin thinking about it for too long. Be sure to read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

Why Does Time Seem To Pass Exponentially Faster As You Get Older? And Some of Albert Einstein’s Quotes On Time

Einstein proposed that time is relative and can be stretched or dilated depending on an observer’s velocity or proximity to a massive object. He famously stated that “the only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” To go a step further, even without getting into time dilation or the laws of quantum physics, we hear old people say all the time that their time flies, time flies when you’re having fun, that time is scarce, that when you get older time seems to go extremely quickly, etc. etc. And for some weird reason this totally rings true of how our brains perceive time. I would say that time from someone age 5 to age 10 is exponentially longer than someone who’s say 15 to 20 years old. For a 5 year old, waiting from August to get to Christmas probably feels about as long as 1 full year of high school for someone aged 15, or mainly more. You’ll notice that getting to high school felt SUBSTANTIALLY LONGER, year by year than a year of High School did. And that a year of High School felt like say 2 years in college. I think one of the reasons why teenagers make stupid decisions, aside from having an underdeveloped brain, is that their perception of time is much longer, so they are not patient. You think life goes on forever, because you don’t take time perception into account, you don’t realize how quickly you’re going to get old, it isn’t until your late 20s or early 30s that you start to notice how quickly time speeds up as things start to become more routine.

What Time Feels Like By Each Age Range

From 0 to 5 years old each month feels like a small eternity.

Once you reach Kinder garden, it starts to speed up ever so slightly, you can make it through days but it does still feel like forever.

By Middle School you’re in more of a groove and can smell High School right around the corner.

By High School you have some perception of time but it is an improper perception of time, you can’t really see a year or 18 months ahead or sometimes even 3 months or a week ahead and therefore cannot long term plan very well.

In college, you start to notice that while your first semester may seem like an eternity, that it does eventually pass by and that you are getting older. And once you graduate or turn 30, then well you realize that we are off to the races.

My Final Thoughts On Why Does Time Seem to Pass Exponentially Faster As You Get Older?

I’ll finish this blog post up here, mainly because I don’t really want to waste anymore of my own time or someone else’s, sitting here writing about and thinking about time. I’ll leave with a stoic quote from I believe it was Seneca “time is fleeting, postpone nothing, stay present, bring forth your best.” Another one that reads “life is but a flicker of light in an eternity of darkness. Use it up while you still can, be extraordinary.”


Be well my friends, and thanks for reading.




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