Why Does Learning A New Skill Take So Much Effort At First?

Man what a day I just had at work! I am seriously beat up right now, and I’m starting to realize that the primary reason that I’m coming home from work so darn worn out right now is that  I somewhat have no clue what I am doing at my new job, in my new career field, and in my new state! And so I felt inspired to write a blog post entitled why does learning a new skill take so much effort? In comparison to just you hopping into flow state and doing things that you already know. And I’m not talking about generalized knowledge like you learning a bunch of facts about tigers, or even taking a history class, I’m instead talking about a fast paced, new skill, new computer concept, new math problem, all with political pressure behind your back, that you need to learn or you lose money! I love the electricity of this job somewhat, but I am also finding that it heavily reminds me of my old job in banking when I was first getting started and knew nothing. So let’s take a deep dive, just what is the science behind why learning a brand new skill takes so much more effort than just using what you know? As always, thanks for reading and subscribe for additional details and information!

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Why Learning A New Skill Is So Tiring, Your Brain Needs to Fire Neurons Faster And Harder!

When you are learning a new skill, it’s literally more difficult on a biological level than just using what you already have learned, because your brain needs to work harder in order to perform just the basics of the skill. One thing that I’ve found too is that there is sometimes as massive speed issue between the teacher and the student, so the teacher has a difficult time figuring out that the student is literally at SQUARE ONE and that it also took TIME for the  teacher to learn this stuff as well. People also have different learning paces, and people are also at varying degrees of alertness and sleep quality day to day. the more well rested you are the easier it is to learn new skills, and the better you RETAIN the new skills the next day. On top of this, you’re in a new environment, and your brain is in survival and action mode, having to use more adrenaline and horsepower than a usual day.

Why Does Learning A New Skill Take So Much Effort At First? The Miracle of Glucose Usage In The Brain

The other reason, is that your BRAIN runs on calories! And the more you stress out your brain (greedy little SOB that brain is) the more it uses up. The way your insulin system and your brain processes stress is a massive factor in how many calories you will burn in a single day. For instance, today I had an intense study session with my boss, I could feel my adrenaline kicking in a bit at my standing desk, I was also absolutely WIRED on a ton of caffeine. Definitely burned some calories there and learned a new computer skill along the way.

How to Learn New Skills Faster, Stimulate your Brain then Get Some Rest!

Basically the Andrew Huberman method for intense learning or studying goes as follows. Study for 90 minutes, expect to have your mind wander a bit during this study session. Take a 30 minute break. Feel free to use pharmacology like caffeine to override this if you need to, or an ice bath and a double espresso, whatever it is to get your brain to learn. But THEN you must enter some state of deep rest, preferably via 8 hours of sleep. That’s it, that’s the game. 90 minutes on, 30 minutes off, rinse and repeat, eat a lot of calories, your body will need it for all the studying.

Final Thoughts On Why Does Learning A New Skill Take So Much Effort At First?

It is a massive amount of effort each day to go to my job right now. It is becoming less and less so each day, but I can feel it in comparison to my last job where I was so efficient at the job I was literally bored during the day with no stimulation. Now I’m over stimulated and in a borderline panic during the day (not really but as close as it gets to that for the corporate world.) Anyway it’s been another heck of a long day in corporate, thanks for reading!







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