How to Buy Crypto the Safe Way, The Magic of Bitcoin Trust ETFs and Why They Are So Powerful

I work in the world of investments, it is very fast paced and there is a ton of numbers flying all over the place constantly. With that being said, occasionally I get clients who ask me about
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and what I personally think of Crypto Currency. And unfortunately, due to industry regulations, I can’t exactly give Financial Advice on the subject, and so I just sort of say that I’m not super educated on it and don’t know that much about it. This is somewhat of a lie, and in fact I know a decent amount about it, enough to probably advise a client on it if I wanted to. And so, I’ll take the time to do that on my blog, and I will explain to you how to buy Crypto the safe way, and why you should probably never own real coins, opting for Exchange Traded Funds that are public instead. For more details and information on all things Finance, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

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Crypto Currency ETF’s that are currently in the works include:


How to Buy Crypto the Safe WayBitcoin





Bitcoin Cash





Binance Coin

And many more. More blog posts to come on these, I am trying to hit Topical Authority in the Search Engines for the Crypto Currency niche, so you will see plenty more blog posts on these topics coming soon, until then read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information!

How to Buy Crypto The Safe Way, Enter The Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund Trusts

The only safe way that I have really come across for how to buy Bitcoin, is for you to use, as stated in the former, ETFs in order to purchase them. There are currently two ways of doing this:

  1. The Winkelvoss Twins Bitcoin ETF
  2. The GBTC, Greyscale Bitcoin Trust, which mirrors closely the total volatility and price movements of Bitcoin in a way that you can purchase like an NYSE stock.
  3. Coinbase – Which is not a Crypto Currency but is instead the worlds current and largest exchange to buy real Bitcoins at. If you look at the stock price performance for Coinbase, is mirrors very closely with the actual performance of Bitcoin and the Crypto Markets in general.

Buying Crypto Without Buying Bitcoin, How Coinbase Stock Correlates Strongly to the Price of Bitcoin

And so there are some very valid reasons why I would only hold Crypto as a small portion of my portfolio, and of why I would do so with an NYSE based ETF. It makes the transaction much more legitimate, it makes it so that you can buy and sell easier and report taxes on your gains much easier than with using actual Bitcoin to do so. It also is easier to offload, and saves you a lot of money in transaction fees, as these exchanges make tons of money charging huge transaction fees when people buy and sell Bitcoin, to the tune of 2-3%. This is why the price of Coinbase is so inter-related to the price of Bitcoin, in that if Bitcoin is up, everyone’s account values are up, and the transaction fees from Coinbase are up.

Final Thoughts On How to Buy Crypto The Safe Way, And Why I Would Highly Recommend This Over An Actual Exchange

And those are my final thoughts on how to buy Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies the safe way. For additional details and information on all things finance, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.






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