Is Alex Becker a Billionaire? The King of Making Money

I posed this question on my blog, because I have noticed that on every single Alex Becker Youtube video, he starts off by saying “I am the most awesome, woke billionaire that there is, and that I have an amazing body also.” Which is a really funny intro, especially since he is much more genuine in the majority of his videos than he lets on in his intro’s. I highly recommend his Youtube channel and I would highly recommend watching it, as he definitely has a lot of really good content on there. But is Alex Becker a billionaire? The answer might surprise you, as I will be calculating the net worth of our good friend Alex Becker based on the revenue he has mentioned that he earns from his businesses, and will include stock market appreciation, the net worth of his condo, and the like. For more information on Alex Becker, be sure to subscribe and comment for more information on all things Finance and money.

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Down to Brass Tacks, Is Alex Becker a Billionaire? And Why This is Actually a Really Good Marketing Strategy That He Exaggerates His Net Worth

In every single video that Alex Becker posts on his Youtube channel, he basically opens up by saying that “I’m also the most woke Billionaire on Youtube with a perfect body,” which is a joke, however is probably actually closer to the truth than he lets on. While he is not a billionaire at the moment, his self proclaimed goal of making 1 Billion Dollars by age 50 is definitely a bold but possible one given the track he is on with his current skills, work ethic and income. Alex Becker likely has an annual income of around $10,000,000.00 per year, or at least generates this much in revenue from his business, and I’m sure that this will continue to scale year over year. He likely has a net worth of $5,000,000.00 currently, and pockets at least $2,000,000.00 per year from his businesses which would give him a net worth at age 50 of $40,000,000 without including his income, and of well over $100,000,000.00 when you include his income, and this is assuming that his business does not grow at all in this scenario, he is well on his way to billionaire indeed.


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Why I Really Love Watching Alex Becker’s Youtube Channel and Why I Derive a Lot of Value From It

I actually get a pretty good amount of value from his Youtube channel every single time I watch one of his videos, in that he talks a lot about things like his schedule, why he wakes up at 3am every single day for productivity, what his day looks like, and of how someone with $100,000,000 in net worth operates (he calls it 98% capacity, which is where very few people operate in terms of their overall work output, and of how this is how you get to be successful.) I really like the majority of his videos, as he is actually pretty straight up and genuine, and overall I would highly recommend his channel.

Final Thoughts on The Question of “Is Alex Becker a Billionaire,” And Why He is Getting Closer Everyday

And so, in finalizing this question, no Alex Becker is not a billionaire, but likely will be by around the year 2040, or when he is age 50 like his self proclaimed goal is. It is really cool to see how someone with the level of wealth that he has at his current age has and of how they operate, and although I know that he will likely be light years ahead of where I will be when I’m age 32, I think that with a little luck and with some extreme determination, that at age 32 I might be able to hit the six figure club, which would put me well on my way from there. For more information and blog posts on all things Finance, productivity and business, comment and subscribe!







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