Is An Accounting Degree from WGU Respected? My Take On Western Governors University

Is an Accounting degree from WGU respected? My take on Western Governors University is that it appears to be a good school with a great opportunity to get a degree as fast as you can. With that being said, I am not starting my WGU Accounting degree until August 2022, and so this will be just my quick preliminary review on whether or not an Accounting Degree from WGU is respected, and if getting one from the school is worth it, in my humble opinion. For more details and information on all things business and finance, read on or subscribe!

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Is An Accounting Degree from WGU Respected? My Opinion….It’s Not a Harvard MBA, But It Will Get You The Credits

Now I haven’t actually tried my degree out in the job marketplace for Accounting yet since I haven’t even started yet. But I have a pretty good idea how it will go getting a job with a BA in Accounting. To my knowledge, the majority of Accounting jobs just care of if you have a BA in Accounting, or if you are an Enrolled agent, or most importantly, if you have passed the CPA exam. My plan is to get my BA in Accounting from WGU, and then to immediately take the CPA exam. From here, I will start applying at Accounting firms for an internship, which is somewhat crazy since I make like $70,000 per year right now in Wealth Management, but I am seriously getting sick of it and the job is so easy I sit there half the day with nothing to do, so by God I am going to pivot.

My take is that whatever gets you the credits will get you the job. I feel that what employers really care about is that you have passed the CPA exam, and that you have the credits in order to get that CPA license when push finally comes to shove.

One downside I see with WGU, and it does not necessarily outweigh the upside, is that even though I already have a BA in Finance, that they are making me re-take some of the business classes, like Global Business Environments, Ethics, etc. Stuff that is basically hogwash and that you’ll really never use as a CPA in a million years.

However, it is also the only way to get a BA in Accounting inside of 6 months for like $3,000 (after the Lifetime Learning Tax Credit 🙂 And if you do not yet have a degree, you can essentially get the degree completely for free if you do it over 2 semesters/2 years, as the American Opportunity Credit gives you like $2500 back each year.

Anyway, the gist of it is, yes! The degree is worth it.


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