What To Do When You Have Nothing To Do At Work?

Ironically I am writing this blog post right after a massive Category 5 hurricane that hit my area of Naples, Florida, so I literally have nothing to do at all except write new blog posts. What I have found however, over the past 7 months or so of working at my current day job, is that there is actually very little to do in an average day at work. In fact it is so slow at my current Wealth Management job as a CSA sometimes that I just sit there, counting down the minutes in a spreadsheet. There are around 480 minutes in a workday, and I try to update the spreadsheet every few minutes, not only does it waste more time but it helps me to keep track of how much time is remaining so that it doesn’t feel endless.

With seven months of working at a job like this, I am going to give you some strategies that I have used over the past 7 months to get through work weeks, to keep your job, and to get through blocks of time as needed. Hope you enjoy reading, and be sure to subscribe for additional content updates, or to comment down below for additional details and information on all things business and finance.

What To Do When You Have Nothing To Do At Work?

What To Do when You Have Nothing To Do At Work?When you have nothing to do at work, it can be one of the most terrible feelings out there that you can experience in a corporate environment. You can feel not included, you can feel like no one cares about you, and worst of all, it can feel like the clock is just moving EXTREMELY slowly. Seriously sometimes I have days at the office that drag on for so long, but one thing that this job has showed me is how to loaf up time, how to waste time, how to get through time, and how to sit around and do nothing for very long periods of time and to practically enjoy it, though I most definitely would rather be working flat out all the time. Here are some tips to suck up time and to look like you’re working in the office:

If you truly have nothing to do, try and look busy, and try to use your time as usefully as possible. Depending on what their business security systems are and what websites they will let you on, this could be the best job of your entire life.

For instance, you could easily start a blog and spend all day churning out blog posts, if their systems are fairly laid back. Someone doing nothing but writing blog posts all day could get up to like 5 or 10 posts a day with practice. Say that’s 50 posts a month and you stay at the job for 5 years, you can literally have a 3,000 article website that cash flows $1,000 to $3,000 per month in lifetime passive income, or that you can sell for $100,000, upon you leaving the loafing job with nothing to do.

You can also use the time to get out of the job so that you can move on and improve your skillset. For me, I can’t exactly write blog posts at the office due to their security systems, however I can read as much as I possibly can about tax. And I can learn new things like how to do VLOOKUP in Excel or how to write SQL via free sites like code academy. I personally am looking to be a Tax Accountant at some point very soon here in the future, between 3 and 18 months from now, and so I aggressively read websites like thetaxadvisor.com and spidel.com with every free second I have at the office.

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How to Loaf Up Time At Work If You Don’t Want to Actually Work

If I don’t feel like doing any actual work but I still need to get through the day, maybe I have a headache or I just can’t focus, you can waste time with the following:

Count the minutes down on your spreadsheet. You can easily kill 5 to 10 minute time blocks doing this.

Make friends in the office, chit chat and talk to co-workers.

Go get Coffee.

Use the Restroom.

Punch in your time card ahead of time.

Read your paystub

Switch around your 401K investments.

Read news articles

Check on the Stock Market

Find Ebook PDFs online of any genre you want, download them and read them for fun.

Play on your phone

Download games like chess

Check your bank statement

Pay rent

Pay down your Credit Card.

Text a friend.

Go take a lunch break.

The list is endless. I have found that you can really get going and you can really procrastinate doing nothing for very long periods of time. One thing that I like to do that is really slow also is to let work build up. If I know the baseline is to always be slow as all hell, what I will do is hoard work once I have it. When someone tells you to do something, kick it down the road, and let it pile up so that you can be busy when you need it.

My Final Thoughts On What To Do When You Have Nothing To Do At Work?

If you are someone that is Google searching this term, then you obviously care that you have nothing to do at your job. You are a very conscientious person and you want to be kept busy, it makes the day go by faster and over the long term gives you more money, and skills, and work ethic, and knowledge, by like….quite a bit. Obviously you don’t want to work the job that you are in for half a decade, and so my advice in the long term is to find another position that is better, and then to hand in your notice. You probably don’t want to work a job like the one you’re working in right now for the next 5 or 10 years, and so my advice is to most definitely move on and find something better.

I hope you find some of my strategies to loaf up time and to idly waste time irresponsibly useful! The world is a very funny place indeed, and it is a very common problem for someone to have a full time job with virtually nothing to do for half the day at work. Comment down below if you find that this has ever happened to you. Subscribe if you enjoyed reading!




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