Finding Money on the Ground, My Take on the Realities of This

I’ll try to keep this blog post as grounded as possible in terms of the meaning behind finding money on the ground, in that I think finding money on the ground has no meaning apart from the currency it gives you. This blog post came to mind because today I found about 3 pennies on the ground, and because I am noticing that either I find more change on the ground than most people, or that I am much more apt to pick it up and put it in my pocket than other people are. And so, with the inspiration for this blog post, I am going to tell you a story about how I lied to my parents about finding money on the ground to get a rise out of them, how often I typically find loose change on the ground, and whether it is worth your time or not to pick up pennies and nickels on the ground. For more information on all things money, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

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Finding Money on the Ground, The Strange Search Results that Come up if You Google This

Maybe being in the finance game I am much more grounded than most people, but if you Google search “finding money on the ground” the search results that come up are quite honestly nothing short of ridiculous. They are about the symbolism behind this, what it “means” and of how it is your ancestors giving you money, etc. etc. Now this is all hocus pocus nonsense, and that is not what I came here to talk about on this blog post. Instead, what I am going to talk about is some of the math behind finding money on the ground are, what your odds are at any given time, and of whether it is financially worth your time to pick up the money.

Is Finding Money on the Ground Worth Your Time?

The math says probably not. Let’s say that 90% of the time or so the stuff you are going to find on the ground is going to be pennies and nickels (I have found 5 pennies and a nickel in the last 2 days, woot woot). It takes maybe 10 seconds to pick up the coin, put it in your pocket and store the money in whatever jar etc. you are going to be putting it in. This equates to an average, assuming its a penny of about 6 cents a minute, or $3.60 per hour, a nickel is a little bit better, at about $18 per hour, and actually picking up and storing a quarter comes out to about $90 per hour. So a penny, is probably not worth your time, especially since the median US salary is about $40,000 per year, which is about $110 per day pre-tax whether you are working or not. With this being said….let me tell you why I always pick up any loose change on the ground, and my argument for doing so.

Why I Always Pick up Pennies I Find on the Ground

First off, I have observed most people, and either I am way more observant and look at the ground and my other surroundings more and that’s why I find more loose change on the ground, or other people simply don’t give a shit. I think however, that if you are doing nothing that’s profitable at all (say you are in the checkout line and you see a quarter or a dime, or even a penny, pick it up. You are standing there wasting time anyways, you might as well make that time somewhat profitable.) Over time, I figure I find something like 10 cents per month on the ground, so every ten years or so I am able to buy myself a decent lunch just from the change I pick up off the ground. Compounding this money over time if I put it in my 401K with an employer match, I am getting at least $500 to $1,000 over the course of my lifetime just for reaching down and picking up the change that I pick up off the ground.

How I Tricked My Parents, A Finding Money on the Ground Story

I’ll end this blog post with a quick story about how I shocked my parents by finding money on the ground. So this was when I was about 12 or 13 years old, I was really bored and decided to have some entertainment. What I started doing, was every time I would go out somewhere with my parents, I would “find” money on the ground. I would take some cash that I had in my piggy bank, either from birthday presents, selling chocolate bars at school, or wherever else I got it, and I would bring it out with me.

The first time I did this was at a Dunkin Donuts, I took $40 and rolled it up into a green rubber band (rolled it so it was shaped like a cigar, if that paints a picture for you) and I took it in my hand and pretended to pick it up off the ground, it made for some cool reactions from my family that day.

The next time I did this was when visiting the grandparents a week or so later, I “found” $10 in there driveway.

After this I “found” $2 on the ground, at night, when I was on a walk with my Dad and Brother around the block.

Finally, was the big one. I “found” $120 in cash on the ground, money from the grandparents birthday card. I think my dad shook my hand and said congratulations at this one.

Anyways, that’s my story.

Final Thoughts on Finding Money on the Ground, My Opinion

And those are my final thoughts on everything I know about finding money on the ground. What are some of your stories about finding cash on the ground? Subscribe or comment down below!







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