Is Netflix Stock A Buy After The Price Correction?

Netflix (NFLX) shares have been on a tear over the past few years, more than quadrupling in value since 2016. But the stock has come under pressure in recent weeks, falling sharply from its all-time high after a disappointing earnings report. In this blog post, I give you my full opinion in answering the question of is Netflix stock a buy after the price correction?

The question now is whether Netflix is a buy after the recent price correction. Personally, I am going with some very reputable casters on CNBC and am saying that I am a buyer of Netflix below $200 a share, maybe even $175 a share.

Is Netflix Stock A Buy After The Price Correction?The main reason I like Netflix even more now is that the company is making a big push into original content. This is a really smart move, as it will help to make Netflix less dependent on the whims of Hollywood studios.

When Will Netflix Stock Bottom Out, And Is Netflix Stock Currently A Buy?

Netflix has already had some great success with its original programming, including shows like Stranger Things and The Crown. In the short term however, expect some serious market volatility surrounding Netflix, especially with Short Interest on almost 8,000,000 outstanding shares currently, for total Short Interest of 2% of the company’s total Market Capitalization.

So, to answer the question posed in the title of this article, I believe Netflix is a buy after the recent price correction. The company is making all the right moves to position itself for long-term success, and I think the stock will eventually recover from its current slump.

I am a buyer at $200 and I am a Mortgage the House and put it all in type buyer at $175. I also think that the number of people that are going to be targeting this stock in buy the dip territory might just signal that it is prone for recovery. With Bill Ackman pulling out however, I think the stock has a way to go before it hits its full bottom.

What do you think? Is Netflix a buy. Leave a comment down below with your thoughts.

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