V2 Ventures Review, My Take on a Powerful Internet Conglomerate

V2 Ventures is an extremely powerful, $2 billion dollar in valuation, internet and venture capital based trust company that owns a portfolio of large internet companies, each in the range of several hundred million dollars, of which each owns dozens of their own websites. As a whole, they currently own more than a dozen big name internet company’s, employ hundreds of people directly, and they have fully divested and sold from 5 companies. As someone who was lucky enough to get to work for one of the start up companies within V2 Ventures, in ReachMobi, I cannot go into too much in the way of details as to what each company does, but I can give a solid, albeit very vague review about some of the internet companies that V2 Ventures uses in their portfolio, and can speak to how big they are as a great, multi billion dollar start up company. For more information, be sure to subscribe to our blog for daily blog post updates, and to comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response.

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Among the major companies that are currently held within the V2 Ventures portfolio include the following

ReachMobi Inc.

V2 VenturesAdknowledge Inc.

V2 Ventures (formerly Adknowledge)

Pushly Media


Mobile Reach



Giant Media


Super Rewards – Sold

Miva – Sold

TVm – Merged into Giant Media

Desktop Applications – Sold

AdBistro – Sold

Cubics – Sold


Hydra Group

Ad Parlor – Sold

As you can see there is a very large portfolio behind V2 Ventures, and while I would have to guess that each company is typically sold for something in the range of $200,000,000.00 to $300,000,000.00, they have already profited more than tens of millions of dollars each year through the company, and have made billions more from selling some of their main portfolio holdings. Overall, it was a really great company to work for and a better conglomerate to be a part of, however the start up lifestyle, even as an employee, is incredibly stressful, and is always 100% based on performance metrics that are more often than not extremely difficult to fulfill. I am glad that I have moved into banking and compliance as a career so far, and I would not change anything for the world.

Why ReachMobi Inc. Was a Powerful and Great Company to Work For, My V2 Ventures Review of ReachMobi Inc.

If I had to guess, I’d say that out of the V2 Ventures fortress of companies, ReachMobi Inc. was probably one of the largest companies, as the scale that the company got to was absolutely incredible. Among the other best companies there was Amply Media, a large corporate conglomerate with likely dozens of websites, and with hundreds of thousands of visitors per day in annual traffic revenue. For their blogging, it is in point, that much I can tell you, however for their Search Engine Optimization, I must say that they are either really really good at PBN link building, or they are incredibly good at finding good agencies to do it for them, as from what I can tell they have a lot of traffic coming their way.

Final Thoughts on the V2 Ventures Conglomerate, and Why I Really Love Their Business Model

Overall, I really like the V2 Ventures business and corporate model, and I strongly believe in their core business objectives. They are a great company to work for, and if you ever have a corporate, financial analyst, human resources, or computer programming background, than I would highly suggest that you check out some of their companies such as ReachMobi Inc. or Amply Media, within the space that they are in. Until next time, you heard it first right here at Inflation Hedging.com.





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