Investopedia Review, My Review of a DotDash Held, $100,000,000.00 Company

My Investopedia Review will walk through why this extremely powerful internet company is one in a million in terms of their traffic quality, and of why they are really just a small piece of a much bigger entity, in the Dot Dash held corporation. Throughout this article, I will attempt to walk through the structure of the Investopedia website, the advisory, tax, and affiliate sales services that they offer, the type of content that they post, and even the business model and SEO structure of their website, as on, my very own miniaturized Investopedia, I have striven to mimic them quite a bit in terms of the volume, quality, power and Google Rankings of their content, and am doing it just like how you devour a whale, one bite at a time (yes I know I just robbed from Frank Underwood on that one.) And so, with all that said and without further ado, lets learn about, and lets talk about why I personally think they are a great website. For more information on Investopedia, and a host of other similar and related online finance blogs and websites, be sure to subscribe to our blog for daily article updates sent straight to your email. Other similar and related Finance websites include the following:

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A $100,000,000.00 Dot Dash Holding Company, The Gist of My Investopedia Review

When I first laid eyes on, I actually thought that it compared quite similarly to another website that I would constantly see when I was previously blogging in the health and fitness niche, a website known as I know this website off the top of my head because I used to literally stare at the website all day, it inspired me to write and write and to keep on pushing until I had 100, then 500, then 1000, then eventually 2000 and 10,000 blog posts on my website, as I would always see that the website had thousands upon thousands of blog posts on their site, and was very impressed with their vigilance, scale, SEO and ranking capacity, but mainly their scale. I had never seen an affiliate blog that had 2000 to 4000 blog posts, all keyword optimized about a topic, that is…until I made one for myself, and I realized that with just a little bit of diligence each and every day, that it very much was possible.

That’s until I first came across, take the scale that I was so impressed with on Nootriment, the amount of content, the optimization and the like, and ten x it. Go from 4000 blog posts, to a website with 100,000 blog posts, all about finance and accounting related topics! Then rank them right at the top of the first page, and throw in 100,000 visitors per day, an email list of tens of millions, nearly $50,000,000.00 per year in revenue, and throw in Financial Advising, CPA, Accounting and tax services and advice that they offer to tens of thousands of clients across the world! Investopedia is literally the online version of UBS, Goldman Sachs, or Bear Sterns, and I really love the website!

The Content on, Why I Really Like The Investopedia Marketing Style

The content on Investopedia, as well as being so high and immense in volume, is also very much of a very high quality, and of interesting content topic. Of the major topics that investopedia mention on their blog, the topics include, and these are very much similar to the topics on my own blog:

High Finance


Internet Marketing



CommoditiesInvestopedia Review

Financial Licenses

CPA Exams and Certifications

Day Trading


Types of Banks

Types of Checks you can Write

And much much more. Overall, Investopedia displays a wide variety of knowledge about vastly different topics, which to give credit to their writers is definitely no mean feat.

The Financial Services Sold on Investopedia, My Investopedia Review of Top Products

One of the other really cool things I like about Investopedia, is the way that they sell financial services and tax services on their website, and of how they market them appropriately. From what I’m seeing on their website, they sell the following:

Investment research courses and books

Investment Advice

Financial Advising

Tax Advising

Tax Filing

TurboTax Discounts

QuickBooks Discounts

Education Advice

College MBA Programs and Affiliate programs

Financial Advice from registered Associates

Series 7 Licensed Brokers in Full Access

Full Access to the Top CFP’s, CFA’s, and CPA’s in the Industry

While some of these services may be somewhat expensive, and while I generally do not recommend that people should use a Financial Advisor if they can afford it, in that the fees are actually extremely high, if there is anything that I’ve learned in this 2020 stock market crash, its that in times of chaos…is when these financial advisors actually earn their money.

The reason for this, is that even with their somewhat egregious advising fees, sometimes totaling as much a 1-2%, and their insistence on recommending mutual funds to their clients, rather than low cost index funds, the one thing they give good advice on, even though mainly because it is in their best interest to collect more fees, is that you should HOLD HOLD, AND HOLD SOME MORE when the market is in a down turn, either that or buy more. A less prudent, more emotional, or less educated investor, may do something like sell when the market is down, which aside from maybe selling in a down market worth like $3,000 to $10,000 so that you can stock up a small emergency fund and capture the additional tax write off from the maximum $3,000 per year loss, is pretty stupid, in that you’ve just realized a portion of your gains, incurred tax penalties for doing so, and now lost a huge portion of those gains. In these instances, I’ll take the 1% fee over the 20% tax liability.

Final Thoughts on Investopedia, My Investopedia Review and Why I Think They Are By Far and Away The Top Blog in Finance

To wrap up this blog post, and if you haven’t noticed I really like writing website reviews for some reason in that I find them extremely interesting and really easy to talk about, I think that Investopedia is a really great website, and you should definitely check them out if you’re looking for either financial advice, or a financial or accounting education. They also have a Youtube channel that is pretty rock solid in their information, and overall, as far as I can tell from my readings, they have done a very good job of including only the highest quality financial information on all of their content generation platforms. Have any questions about Investopedia, or want to see more finance related blogs? Leave a comment, a like, or subscribe down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response. And as always, you heard it first right here at Inflation









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