Andy Elliott Master Closer Seminar Review, What I Think of Andy Elliott And His Awesome Youtube Channel

In this blog post, I’m going to give you my full and honest Andy Elliott master closer seminar review, as well as what I think of his Youtube channel, why I actually like the things he says quite a lot, and end with an analysis of why I think we’re seeing a rise of these masculine figures on Youtube, Andy Elliott, Andrew Tate, Jordan Peterson, Jokko Willink, David Goggins, the list goes on and on, each with a special toughness and specialty in their chosen field. I think a lot of the reason we keep seeing these figures pop up and get huge amounts of notoriety and fame seemingly overnight, is that these people are the antitheses to all that other junk we see in the media. I feel like we see all this stuff on feminism, self acceptance, burnout, love yourself, take time off, enjoy your life, and all that junk. I am on the polar opposite end of this spectrum, I am willing to sacrifice literally everything else in my life in order to work nearly 100 hours per week to grow my business and to have a six figure manager job in accounting, to become a multi millionaire, and to just keep grinding day in and day out. I have been asking myself a lot lately if I would rather be a 40 year old millionaire, that is in good shape but is single and alone, or be a father of 3 kids, with a mediocre marriage and struggle to pay the mortgage. Unfortunately for me, as I genuinely look inside myself I see that I have chosen the former, to keep grinding my way to the top even if it literally means giving up sex and dating for the next 10-12 years. Whatever the case is, I’ve been resonating quite a bit with a motivational figure like Andy Elliott lately, and so without further ado, let’s give his seminar and his Youtube channel a look.

Other masculine, noteworthy and extremely influential figures that we’ll cover on this blog include the following:

Andy Elliott Master Closer Seminar ReviewJordan Peterson

Andrew Tate

Jokko Willink

David Goggins

Andy Elliott

Elliot Hulse

Fitness Influencer’s

Captain Sinbad

Alex Hormozi

Gary Vaynerhuck

And more, keep reading and stick around for more info.

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Who Is Andy Elliott And What Is His Background?

Andy Elliott is a personality that has blown up on Youtube in recent days, and has popped up completely out of nowhere around a month or so ago much like Tate did say 13 months ago, and actually has some very interesting things to say if you’ll hear him. At 19 years old he made $500,000 selling cars, I believe this is true because it’s a real possible number. And I know that sounds crazy, as the average US salary is like $40,000 per year, but him advertising that he made $500,000 selling cars at 19 years old is a lot easier for me to wrap my head around than Alex Hormozi saying that he made $250,000,000, or to try and make $375,000,000,000.00 like Elon Musk, these numbers are complete pipe dreams, $500,000 is a bit closer to something that I can actually fathom and maybe realistically achieve. And so the above is why I like watching him and here’s what I think of his programs.

How Much Money Does Andy Elliott Have?

His net worth looks to be around $5,000,000 to $10,000,000 right now, another realistic number that one could potentially hit. With Andy being in his Mid 40s it looks like, this is a very aggressive target but somewhat possible, again I’m comparing this to the billionaires you’re watching on Youtube, which again it’s ridiculous to think you’ll ever really get there, or even someone like Hormozi who is on track to being a Billionaire in his early 30s. This guy is telling you to go for the million and is giving you a sales training formula to do it, now this is something I can get behind.

Here are some of the sales Tactics that Andy advertises, namely around beating sales rejections:

I need to talk to my CPA

It’s getting Late

I don’t want to test drive the car I already drove one someplace else

I really like the test driving close rejection example, in that he puts people in front of the room with a mic and has them go after the rejection for someone that doesn’t want to test drive the car they’re trying to sell them. The reason that you need to get over that rejection is that once someone test drive’s the car, they’re significantly more likely to buy, in fact they feel obligated to buy the car. Seriously if you don’t believe me, try going into a car dealership with no buying intention at all. Go waste the car dealer’s time and test drive 5 cars then be an asshole and leave. You’ll notice a few things

  1. It’s way more difficult to do this than you think
  2. These car salesman are very well trained and you may just leave with a car loan or a follow up appointment
  3. The car salesman are very good at being DIRECT and in your face
  4. You will lose in the ending doing this and they’ll probably give you a burned this bridge discussion if you do that.

Sales guys are very good with people! Convincing, persuading, selling, being direct. I’ve worked with car dealers, financial advisors, accountants, military background finance advisors, logistics salesman and SEO and computer programmers, and I will tell you point blank that you can easily tell when someone has a sales background, and when someone does not, it just radiates in their bones.

Some Top Things Andy Says That I Resonate With Fully

He wants you to work hard

He wants you to succeed

He understands the bottom of the pack and the top of the pack

The dude is like a walking energy drink, he has more energy than almost anyone else I’ve ever seen, at least in his Face. Even David Goggins is a bit more chilled out.

I’ve already learned some really good sales tactics from him just from watching his Youtube channel.

Why I Say to Go For It If You’re Looking At His Course

Full disclosure I have never taken his course or been to one of his seminar’s before. That being said I will tell you that I can definitely imagine it would be worth it. He is a very good salesman and is super motivating every time I watch one of his videos, give his course a shot and let us know what you think!


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