How Do I Apply for Western Governors University?

How do I apply for Western Governors University? As kind of the leading source on all things college now at this website, in this blog post I will walk you through how you can apply, get accepted by, and become a student at WGU, Western Governors University. I recently graduated from WGU and in fact have been working towards being in the field of Accounting ever since, as I find it extremely interesting and it looks like the college degree is now leading me to greener pastures. Get ready for my full WGU review, what I did to apply and how you can get yourself a seat at the table and become an Accountant, computer programmer, historian, attorney, or whatever profession floats your boat. Be sure to subscribe for great new content posted weekly!

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How Do I Apply For Western Governors University?

I’ll tell you exactly what I did. I had a Finance degree but I really wanted the Accounting credits badly so I could test for the CPA exam. I pulled together every single transcript that I had from all the schools I went to and sent it over to WGU so that they could do an assessment analysis. Took about a month and next thing I know I had an approval to start the school. All they wanted was about $4,000 as a lump sum payment, or payment plan if I so desired, and then they wanted me to take like 10 additional gen education classes outside of the Accounting courses, which irked me a bit but I got them done.

How I Got In

And so here is all the courses that they made me take in order to get my degree:

Cultural intelligence

Financial Accounting

Business Ethics

Spreadsheets I

Human Resources

Cost Accounting

Intermediate Accounting I

Business Law for Accountants

Employment Law

Intermediate Accounting II

Global Business

Supply Chain Management

Accounting Information Systems (brutally boring class)

Compensation and benefits (not any better, teacher takes forever to grade the paper lol)

Business Simulation

Intermediate Accounting III


I apologize if I missed any, but that’s the gist of the classes I took.

My Story As A WGU Student

In short, it was by far and away the most absolutely brutal degree that I have ever had to work on. The time pressure alone made it extremely challenging, as cramming in an entire Intermediate Accounting class into 4 weeks, or even 11 days in one case, is very painful and takes a lot of work, time and focus. But in the end, I got it done, and I’m on track to be exactly where I want to be in my career, in the end it took $5,000 and 6 months out of my life, and it was all worth it.

Things to Watch Out For

Watch out for burnout. Keep an eye on yourself and try not to get too stressed, it’s just a college degree when it is all said and done. Write the papers exactly to the prompt, and above all watch your time and try to do some studying every single day. It’s very easy to ignore your classes for a few days or weeks or even months! I would strongly advise against this as you will pay for it with stress, time and money.

My Life As a New WGU Graduate

My new life is I have the accounting degree and the new job in Public Accounting and I am currently working on the CPA exam, which so far is a bit easier than the WGU time pressure but is also somewhat worse and I still have no life LOL. I am enjoying being free of college courses though and being able to live a normal life somewhat like going on dates, working out etc.

Final Thoughts on How Do I Apply for Western Governors University?

Hope you enjoyed reading! Leave a comment down below with your opinion on applying to Western Governors University!


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