WGU Managerial Accounting Review, My Opinion On an Extremely Difficult Class

My WGU Managerial Accounting Review will try and go through every single nook and cranny of the official Managerial Accounting WGU class, how difficult it is, and why I struggled and had a very difficult time with this class, but still managed to pass inside of just 17 days! I am currently doing the WGU BA in Accounting degree program online, and it is very difficult because for me to get the degree without spending another $4,000 on this, I am going to have to finish 18 entire classes in just 182 days. Doable but very difficult, essentially what needs to happen is I need to pass one class about every ten days.

I had passed the first 5 classes in about a month, good timing and enough to really make a dent in terms of the percentage of remaining classes. And then, enter Managerial Accounting. I had actually taken this class twice before, 5 years ago at a different University. At WGU however, the time pressure is immense if you really want to get all of your classes done in the 6 month time frame to get the maximum ROI, and you have to hustle as fast as you possibly can.

WGU Managerial Accounting ReviewWGU mixes Managerial and Cost Accounting principles together, which is definitely much more efficient but makes the class significantly harder than just your basic run of the mill Managerial Accounting class. Some of the primary topics in the class are:

Job Order Costing

Process Costing

Activity Based Costing

Operating Cash Flow Budgets

Sales Budgets

Break Even Point

Variable and Fixed Costing

How I Passed This Class In Just 17 Days

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I was able to pass this course so quickly because I basically just went the old school way and did all of the lessons in order. I would load up Process Costing, the first chapter, and I went lesson by lesson, module by module, unit by unit, knocking them down one by one. I would read each paragraph in each lesson, watch the video and make sure that I understood it. There was no trick about it.

My advice is to try and shoot for completing 1 unit per day. You won’t always get there, but even if you finish one Unit every other day (budget 3-4 hours of actual studying a day for this) you will have some good momentum to keep pressing forward on this course.

Final Thoughts On the WGU Managerial Accounting Course and the Program Overall

As a whole, the one thing that I really liked about the program is that you get all of your scores back pretty much immediately on exams, and within several days for Essay Questions. It was also very challenging but gave enough positive feedback by constantly giving you new exam scores and grades to help push you through the program, I would highly recommend WGU and give this one 5 stars!


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