Is WGU A SCAM? It is Not, It Is In Fact an Amazing University With a Great Program!

Is WGU, also known as Western Governors University, a scam. For my part, I will say that no WGU, as someone who just graduated from the accounting program extremely recently, it’s not a scam, but instead an extremely good school, that provides a fantastic opportunity for someone that is already working to go back to college to either change fields, improve their credentials, and the lake. WGU, formerly known as Western Governors University, is set in Salt Lake City, Utah. The way that they set up the entire program is unlike any other university in existence, which, in my opinion, makes it the absolute best. There’s no bullshit, there’s no crap, it’s straight to the point, pass as many classes as you can with a six month times. For a reasonable set price, and gain the spoils of war for your efforts. I will tell you that WGU is the fastest way that I have ever ordered a college degree. It took me five years to earn a bachelors degree in finance from your run-of-the-mill State College, of course I join the fraternity, and I had a girlfriend, and I had side jobs and intern, chefs and field trips, and a whole college experience, nevertheless, it’s a five years for me to get a bachelors degree in finance. And so in this blog post, let’s answer the question of is WGU a scam?

Is WGU a Scam? It is Not!

Enter western governors university. I finished an entire bachelors degree in accounting, consisting of 60 credit hours, 85% of which were finance, accounting, and XL classes, and I did it within Is WGU a Scam?seven months, 60 credit hours. I did a full two-year degree at an extremely difficult pace, in six months and 22 days, for just $4600. This is literally something that is unheard of, and it basically makes you an idiot if you’re going to Estate school, or if you’re sending your kids to a state school. I get to college experience, I did that you don’t want your 20 year old son sitting at your dining room table doing practice problems all day, but I also get that you were literally flushing $100,000 down the drain if you are not using WGU to take it vantage of cheap education. The reason why it cost so little, is because WGU has an extremely F fission system of coursework, where are you essentially teach yourself. There’s no teachers, there’s no BS, any other teachers are, they are essentially completely useless. We don’t have the time to train you on problems, there’s no brick and mortar, just sit there online and read the book and you take the test when you’re ready to go. It is probably the best way to make money and get an education cheap for the fastest way possible. Any other online universities I checked out for a masters degree in accounting we’re gonna cost between 25 and US$50,000. That’s insane, you’re lying that is literally shit, and you should be in Paris if you can’t find a way to pay less than that for college. I am so happy that I found Western Governors University, and I feel very glad to say that I am a proud holder of a bachelors degree in accounting, which are used to leverage an offer in public accounting, offered a low price of under $5000.


Here’s why WGU is an extremely difficult university to graduate from, and here’s why taking all those classes in 6 1/2 months was probably one of the most painful experiences of my entire life.


The reason for this is that I basically finished one class every 10 days and the majority of them were accounting classes. Here’s a full list of all the courses that I took while attending western governors university in that period of time.


I took financial accounting, cultural intelligence, business, ethics, human resources, introduction to XL, cost accounting, business law for accounts, intermediate accounting, one, employment, law, intermediate accounting, to, global business, accounting, information, systems, supply, chain operations, management, tax, audit, intermediate, accounting, three, compensation and benefits, a business strategy, simulation, capstone course, one that nearly gave me a heart attack, and I’m sure a handful of other classes. I’m missing. All in all I took 18 classes for 57 credit hours in a six month and 22 day period of time. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, although there was actually quite a bit of pain involved in taking all those classes.


Here’s my advice on how to get through WGU as quickly as possible. Sacrifice literally everything I have virtually no life. If you can’t do that do it as much as you can. If you can’t do that, here’s a couple of test, taking tips and strategies to blow through some of this as quickly as possible.


Write the papers like you were talking to a golden retriever. Basically what you need to do is write to the prompt as directly as humanly possible. They will literally reject the paper. If you miss one sentence within the prompt, it’s kind of stupid, but by the 10th or 15th pay for that you’re right, it actually starts to make sense and you can start to get pretty good at exactly what they’re looking for.

Final Thoughts on Is WGU a Scam? Tips and Tricks for How to Plow Through WGU Quickly

Be aggressive – one of the things I realized about WGU is that there is such an intense time constraint, but the only way to pull it off is to be as aggressive as possible, even if you only feel like you’re 60 or 70% ready and you’re taking an exam. You are never going to be 100% ready when taking any of these tests, especially for difficult accounting or software classes, there’s way too much material to cram in and way too short period of time. What I’ll say, though is that if you study your heart out, you use caffeine and sleep, deprivation, strategically, and you push through like your life depends on it, you’ll surprise yourself at how much you can get done when there’s pressure towards the back of your neck.

It was very painful, but in the end, I got the job done, sometimes I had to call professors over and over and over again to re-unlock an egg exam, I failed probably two or three exams, the first time throughout the duration of the term, and I eventually had to pay a portion again of the second term, for about $1900 out of pocket. All in all, I spent probably $4400 and some change to get everything done, and I’m glad that I can likely now sit for the CPA exam. If you’re contemplating going to WGU, I would highly recommend it, it is 1/10. The price of what she would get it any other, University, for the exact same material, and I’ll tell you that Western Governors University grads are freaking warriors, they get an entire called surgery done in seven months, and I have never seen a single one of them have any difficulty getting employment. Best of luck, and welcome to the night owls.


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