Top 10 High Dividend Yield Stocks the Best Way to Get Consistent Returns on Your Money

In this article we will be taking you through the top 10 high dividend yield stocks. We will also be talking about how to invest in high dividend yield stocks using two different methods, diversified ETFs and buying individual stocks. High dividend yield stocks are a great way to get started investing because you’ll get a percentage of what that/those stock(s) makes . This gives you incentive to continue investing with them because you’ll see up front returns on top of seeing your stock price increase.

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Investing in Top 10 High Dividend Yield Stocks through an ETF

An ETF is a safe option for investing in high dividend yield stocks. The reason being is because an ETF is typically a diversified fund that is invested in many different stocks that center around a central idea. There are ETF’s that exist for high dividend yield stocks. These are a safer alternative to buying single stocks for new investors and experienced ones alike. If you’re looking for an ETF with high dividend yield stocks then make sure that it has at least a few of the following ten stocks.

Selecting One of the Stocks Individually

Buying stocks individually can be tempting but is often ill advised. The reason being is because single stocks are volatile. A single stock can crash in a day. However, indexes, ETF’s, and other actively and passively managed funds are extremely unlikely to fall through completely. However, if you do have a brokerage account and are interested in getting started investing in one of the higher dividend yielding stocks, a list of our top 10 is located below.


Without further adieu, here are the top 10 high dividend yield stocks:

UVV – Universal Corporation

The universal Corporation is a tobacco merchant located in Richmond VA. The reason this stock is on our list is due to the fact that it has one of the highest dividend yields of the top 25 high dividend stocks. It has a dividend yield of 6.91%. This is a safe stock; it’s been around since 1918 and has grown steadily since.

CBRL – Cracker Barrel

Cracker barrel is an American chain of restaurants it was founded in 1969, it’s on this list because like UVV it falls on the list of top 25 highest dividend stocks, with a dividend yield of 5.88% . This stock is another one that’s grown significantly since first starting.

BNS – Bank of Nova Scotia

The Bank of Nova Scotia, located in Toronto Canada, has a steady growth rate, high dividend yield at 6.71%, and as one of Canada’s big 5 banks will likely continue steadily growing over the coming years.

IBM – International Business Machines Corp

IBM is the only tech stock on this list and in comparison to other tech companies that offer dividends IBM has a much higher dividend yield at 5.46%. As a company that has decades of continuous growth and an increasing presence, IBM is a safe way of investing in a high dividend yield tech stock.

SLF – Sun Life Financial

Sun Life Financial is Canadian financial services company, and is also one of the largest life insurance companies in the world. It has a history dating back to 1865 so you know that this stock is going to be around for a lot longer. Sun Life Financial has a dividend yield of 5.14% and definitely ranks highly in terms of dividend yield for a finance company.

RY – Royal Bank of CanadaTop 10 High Dividend Yield Stocks

The Royal Bank of Canada is a Canadian finance service company and the largest bank in Canada. It has 16,000,000 members and has been around since 1864. It has a dividend yield of 5.4%. This is another finance industry company that gives you plenty of bang for your buck in terms of dividend yield.

OMC – Omnicom Group Inc.

The Omnicom Group is a media company based in New York that has a dividend yield of 5%. It was founded in 1986 and has grown steadily ever since. It is one of four of the largest advertising agencies in the world, so this stock is going to continue growing in the coming years.

EVBN – Evans Bancorp Inc.

Evans Bancorp is a financial holding company with over 1.5 billion dollars in assets. It has a dividend yield of 4.6% and this company has experienced immense growth since the 2008 financial crisis. It is a great investment now more than ever since this stock has shown that it can overcome financial crisis with no hesitation.

FRT – Federal Realty Investment Trust

Federal Realty investment trust is a real estate investment trust that invests in malls and shopping centers across the northern United States. It offers a dividend yield of 5.39% and boasts a revenue of 841 million dollars per year.

XOM – Exxon Mobil Corp

Exxon Mobil is another safe pick. It is an oil and gas Corporation stationed in Texas. It has a dividend yield of 8.6%, putting it at one of the highest dividend yielding stocks on this list, and the highest dividend yielding stock in the oil and gas industry. Though there may be some hesitation to invest in oil and gas stocks at the time of me writing this, oil and gas will continue to be necessary for decades and its price will continue to increase.




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