Financial Peace University Review, My Take on the Ramsey Product

My Financial peace University review will run through the Dave Ramsey course on how to make money, and will discuss exactly how much money the course costs.

I have to say that I was really impressed with the Financial Peace University course. It is very comprehensive and Dave Ramsey is an excellent teacher. The course is divided into nine lessons, each of which covers a different aspect of financial management. The lessons are:

Financial Peace University Review1) Saving for emergencies

2) Paying off debt

3) Paying Off your House as your first priority

4) Always allocating 15% per year towards retirement once you are debt free

5) Investing in retirement accounts and your taxable account after this

6) Funding 529 Accounts fully if you decide to have kids

7) And finally, being super generous and giving away tons of money via philanthropy, which Dave Ramsey does plenty of himself.

I think this course is great for those just starting out their financial journey. Dave Ramsey’s methods are tried and true, and he has a lot of excellent advice. The only downside is that the course is a bit expensive, but I think it’s worth it. Overall, I would recommend this course to anyone looking to get their finances in order, or who is looking to see what a good financial plan is for becoming rich.

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How Did Dave Ramsey Make His Money? His Real Estate Income Portfolio

Dave Ramsey is a popular financial advisor and radio host who helps people get their finances in order. He has written several books on the subject, and his radio show is syndicated across the country. Ramsey also offers a course called Financial Peace University, which teaches people how to get their finances in order and stay out of debt. Aside from this, Dave also invests in rental properties and has been doing so for decades. He himself said once on a podcast that he “bought everything he could get his hands on in the 2008 market crash, including foreclosure sales” in order to get way ahead and get his hands on a massive Real Estate portfolio. And to tell you just how rich Dave Ramsey is, he literally owns the building that they do the show in!

Some General Financial Advice About Money Management

-Start by evaluating your current financial situation. Take a look at your income and expenses and figure out where you can cut back.

-Create a budget and stick to it. This will help you keep track of your spending and ensure that you are not overspending.

-Save money where you can. Try to pick up a second income if you need to in order to get out of debt, and ALWAYS, ALWAYS ALWAYS, be as cautious as humanly possible about your spending, nuff said on this one.

Final Thoughts On My Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Review, What It Personally Taught Me About Money

Here’s my final opinion on the product and on Dave Ramsey. For starters, he goes just a tad bit far in certain things. For instance, I think that using debt to buy rental properties is okay if you do them one at a time. For instance, 15 year fixed to buy your house>>>pay this off. Then get a 15 year fixed on a rental property>>>pay this off. Then get another 15 year fixed, etc. Most people cannot go all in and pay full cash for these properties, and so you are losing out on a tiny bit of scale by not doing this. Also, you ARE mathematically losing literal cash by not using your CC for rewards points. He is correct that you likely spend more with a credit card, unless you can CONTROL yourself, in which case you can spend less with a CC, as I have noticed I absolutely do. Other than that, he definitely understands money, and is wealthy for a reason.

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