Alex Williams Suits, How Much Money Does Alex Williams Make?

Alex Williams is a long time friend of Harvey Specter who hopped over to Pearson Specter Litt after working at Bratton Gould for a majority of his legal career. And while he doesn’t necessarily get as much popularity as someone like Samantha or Katrina does, I will say that he is just as good of an attorney, and that he definitely knows his way around a courtroom. While he may not necessarily have the charisma or people skills that Harvey Specter has, and while he may not have the genius that Mike Ross has in order to stand out amongst the crowd of lawyers, what he lacks in these departments he makes up for with persistence and experience. In this blog post, I will look at the income level of Alex Williams, as well as his personality type.

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How Much Money Does Alex Williams Make?

The income of Alex Williams is likely in the range of $500,000 when he first joins the firm, and $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 per year once he makes Managing Partner. I am realizing now that just about every single partner, Senior, name or managing, are all millionaires, and probably multi millionaires. The most broke person on the show is probably Mike Ross, and he likely has as much as $2,000,000.00 or more later into the show. Thinking of those numbers is absolutely amazing when you think of what it would be like to have $2,000,000 in your bank account! Right now I have something like $50,000 and I can’t imagine having 20 or 40 times that amount of money. The financial security that it would give you I’d imagine would feel absolutely fantastic, and I really hope that I make it there someday.

What Is The Big 5 Personality Model of Alex Williams

The big 5 personality model of Alex Williams is as follows:

Conscientiousness – This is how hard someone works or how orderly they are. I would give Alex the 90th percentile for this, he is a very competent attorney and this fits for the correct range.

Openness – Pretty low in openness, I would say that he is in the 40th percentile. He is one of those lawyer types that strikes me as not really having a creative bone in his entire body.

Agreeableness – He is actually higher in agreeableness and has a very good sense of humor. I would give him 55% or 60th percentile for agreeableness. He’s got kids and a family and while he is no pushover, he is all around a pretty cool and friendly guy.

Extroversion  – He is pretty outgoing, although fairly mild mannered. 60th percentile for extroversion.

Neuroticism – Very low in neuroticism. We almost never see him get startled and he is usually very calm. I would say he is in the 30th percentile for neuroticism.

Final Thoughts On Alex Williams Suits, How Much Money Does Alex Williams Make?

Alex Williams is really more of a background character on the show, though he can absolutely be fearless and bold when he needs to be. Alex is a pretty cool guy overall, and he makes as much as $1,000,000.00 per year. I would say his net worth is probably around $15,000,000.00. For more details and information on all things Suits, be sure to read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.






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