Mike Ross vs Saul Goodman, Who Is The Better Lawyer? Who Would You Rather Have In Your Corner?

Mike Ross vs Saul Goodman, two very good lawyers with very different skillsets, who would you rather have in your corner depending on the circumstances? When we look at Mike Ross, he is a genius, corporate lawyer, and we see that he is extremely competent in what he does. He will even cross a line or two here and there to win when it’s needed, and no doubt him and his brain, alongside his friendship pool of corporate lawyers would absolutely be a force to be reckoned with and could help you out a lot in any situation that you are in.

Now we have Saul Goodman, who is not nearly as smart, though very educated, and has a nickname of ‘Slippin Jimmy” because he works very well in the grey. He is an extremely educated and smart lawyer that is able to get you or himself out of nearly every single situation. In the TV Series Breaking Bad, Saul Goodman was absolutely one of the most integral characters of the show, he has gotten the guys out of jams multiple times, and definitely managed to keep at least a few million dollars for himself in doing so. He is a very interesting character with a cool, but terrifying past, and is one that would be very valuable to have in your corner. So in the case of Mike Ross vs Saul Goodman, let’s look at when it would be better to have one in your corner over the other!

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Mike Ross vs Saul Goodman, Who Is The Better Lawyer Overall? In Terms of Skill Mike Ross

Now in terms of raw skill, let’s look at the facts:

Mike Ross had originally gotten admitted into Harvard Law School, and has a genius level IQ. He has been working in Corporate law at the highest levels for nearly a decade, and made partner among law firms with the smartest lawyers in the world.

Compare that to Saul Goodman. While Saul is no dummy, he is much more of a realistic version of a lawyer, and just has connections among some of the people that are, shall we say bottom feeders of society, in order to get things done. He is definitely tougher than Mike Ross overall with some of the things that he has had to go through, and while Mike Ross is definitely not weak, he has not had to put up with the same level of stress that Saul Goodman does. With this being said, Saul went to University of American Samoa, and does not have the same encyclopedia like knowledge that Mike Ross has. In a Corporate Law Case I would pick Mike Ross, anything criminal defense wise I would likely pick Saul Goodman.

The Types of Situations Mike Ross Would Be Better At

Anything in any field other than Criminal Defense trials, I would say that Mike Ross is going to be your man. With his intelligence level, even something like patent and Intellectual Property law is going to be something he can excel at, which is a massive advantage over other attorney’s. With Saul Goodman however, he is much more a depiction of a realistic lawyer, and specializes only in Criminal Defense, with some basic class actions and tort law cases that he brings lawsuits on. Much more realistic depiction of an attorney where we see Harvey and Mike taking cases like IP law, divorce law, criminal defense, high name trials, stuff that they quite literally have no business being involved in.

The Types of Situations Where You Would Rather Have Saul Goodman in Your Corner

Anything criminal defense law I would likely pick Saul Goodman to have in my corner. He has the connections, the background, and the specialized experience in order to pull this off. If I had Mike Ross in my corner for any sort of high profile defense case in this arena, I would be somewhat concerned as his book knowledge can likely only take him so far here.

Personality Type of Mike Ross

Mike Ross has a very cool Big 5 Personality Model. Let’s look at the below:

IQ – IQ of 150. He has literally a genius level IQ with his photographic memory that is a huge hallmark of the show. He is always the smartest person in the room, though his lack of experience sometimes gets him into trouble in the earlier seasons.

Conscientiousness – 90th percentile. This leans mainly on industriousness, as his orderliness is seen to be quite low when he is at younger points within the show. But he is a high level corporate lawyer and is definitely seen to be extremely hard working.

Openness – Low in openness but with an extremely high IQ. Have got to give him like 50th percentile for this, since he is a much more conservative career orientation type, however with that intelligence level you have to correlate some of that with openness here.

Agreeableness – 50th percentile. He can be disagreeable when he needs to be, though his emotions have often been seen to get him into trouble on many occasions. He is very high in compassion, especially for an attorney.

Neuroticism – Fairly low in neuroticism, although it is definitely there. I would give him 39th percentile for neuroticism.

Extroversion – High enough in extroversion to be social, but again we see him often working late nights alone sometimes. Give him 75th percentile for extroversion.

Personality Type of Saul Goodman

Saul has a completely different personality type. Let’s look at the below:

Extroversion – 90th percentile. He never stops talking, and while we do see him end up in darkness at times, withdrawing to himself, when he is happy he is usually going around giving speeches, talking to clients, and the like.

Conscientiousness – 80th percentile. Sometimes we see him being lazy, but really he built his own multi million dollar law practice from scratch, and a thriving one at that. I think this number is accurate here.

Openness – He is much more open than you might think at first glance, since he is basically an entrepreneurial and “creative” attorney which is what gets him into trouble a lot of the time. 75th percentile for openness here.

Agreeableness – He is actually higher in agreeableness than you might think, even though he is very argumentative. 55th percentile for agreeableness, we see him having deep conversations with his relationships and overall being very gregarious and social.

Neuroticism – 20th percentile. That’s right, super low here. It takes a crazy amount to get him to get worried.

Final Thoughts on Mike Ross vs Saul Goodman, Who Is The Better Attorney Overall? Winner, Mike Ross

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