Jack Soloff Suits, What is Jack Soloff’s Net Worth? Here’s the Assets and Income of Jack Soloff

My Jack Soloff Suits blog post will focus on how Jack Soloff was one of the best bad guys of the entire show, how Daniel Hardman and Travis Tanner were both blackmailing him, and of how he would eventually change to become a good guy at a later point within the show. Jack Soloff is one of those characters that you sort of have a love hate relationship with, but that is very fun to see on TV. He is more or less an independent, go his own way type of guy, and while he does have party loyalty when it suits him, he is most loyal to himself at the end of the day, as are we all. In this blog post we will run through the ins and outs of Jack Soloff, why he may very well be the most fascinating character on the show, and why the scenes with him are fun to watch, especially when he partners up with Luis, Jessica and Mike Ross. For more details and information on all things business, finance and Suits read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

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Jack Soloff Suits, What Is The Story Behind The Net Worth and Current Income Level of Jack Soloff?

There was a big issue in Suits Season 6 where Jack gets offered a Senior Partner position at Robert Zane’s law firm, problem is he needs to put up $500,000 in order to buy in for his Senior Partner position. It is a change for him to start a whole new life, and he does not have the money. We see that Jack Soloff has his fair share of financial troubles over the years, and that much of it is due to the chip on his shoulder that Daniel Hardman has been exploiting out of him for quite some time now. This looks to have left him bankrupt, even with his $500,000 per year salary at Pearson Specter Litt for being a Senior Partner. Even for New York it is pretty crazy to be broke on that level of salary.

Net Worth: $250,000

Income: $500,000 per Annum.

What is the Personality Profile of Jack Soloff? A Very Interesting Big 5 Personality Model

Jack is ruthless, ambitious, but is also strangely human. A very cool personality profile on his end, see the below:

IQ – He is very smart, a Harvard law Graduate. IQ of 130.

Openness – Not very creative at all. 40th percentile here.

Conscientiousness – He is an extremely hard working attorney, and it is said that he bills more hours than almost anyone else. Let’s give him 91st percentile for this.

Agreeableness – He can be friendly although is much more disagreeable and competitive. Give him 30th percentile for agreeableness.

Extroversion – Very outgoing, we never see him shut his mouth. 75th percentile for extroversion.

Neuroticism – Very low in neuroticism, even under situations of extreme pressure. 24th percentile here.

An interesting psychological profile, but one that shows a disagreeable, persistent and hungry lawyer who is primed to rise to the top of the pack.

Final Thoughts on My Jack Soloff Suits Review, My Humble Opinion

I find I enjoy writing more about the psychological profile of most of these characters more than I even do the finances. What do you think of my opinion of Jack Soloff, am I right in my assessment of his personality profile? Leave a comment down below and let us know what you think.




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