Harvey Specter Youtube Clips, My Top Ten Harvey Specter Scenes

In no particular order, here are my top ten Harvey Specter Youtube clips:

Harvey Specter Youtube1) The scene in “The Pilot” where he breaks down the reasons why he’s the best closer in New York.

2) The scene in “Suitcase” where he gives Mike his first lesson in being a lawyer.

3) The scene in “Rewind” where he tells Donna that he’s going to marry her someday.

4) The scene in “All In” where he pitches the firm on taking on a pro bono case.

5) The scene in “The Choice” where he tells Jessica that he’s resigning from the firm.

6) The scene in “No Refills” where he tells Mike that he’s not going to be his mentor anymore.

7) The scene in “Buried Secrets” where he confronts Daniel Hardman about the secrets he’s been keeping.

8) The scene in “Season 3, Episode 13” where Mike tells Rachel that he loves her.

9) The scene in “The Wedding” where he gives his speech at Donna and His wedding.

10) The scene in “My Name is Oliver Queen” where he tells Oliver Queen that he’s going to be his lawyer.

Honorable mentions for this list is the list where Mike finds the memo and uses it to get Daniel Hardman ousted from the board of Pearson Hardman.

What Makes Harvey Specter Such a Great Mentor For Mike Ross?

Harvey Specter is one of the most successful lawyers in New York City. He’s smart, he’s tough, and he always gets the job done. But what makes him such a great mentor for Mike Ross?

There are a few things that make Harvey Specter a great mentor for Mike Ross. First, Harvey is always honest with Mike. He doesn’t sugarcoat things or try to protect him from the harsh realities of the law. Second, Harvey is always willing to teach Mike. He’s never too busy to sit down and explain something to him. And third, Harvey is always there for Mike. No matter what challenge Mike is facing, Harvey is always there to walk him through it, or bail him out of it.

They definitely have something of an older brother younger brother type relationship, and you can see how Harvey was able to develop Mike over the years by the depth of their relationship. He took Mike from a Bike Messenger to one of the best lawyers in New York, and that’s pretty darn cool.

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Final Thoughts On The Best Harvey Specter Youtube Clips, My All Time Favorite Harvey Specter Moment

I think my all time favorite Harvey Specter moment though is the one where Harvey puts Stephen on the stand and grills him, nearly testifying for him and exposing to his rival Cameron Dennis that he is actually the bad guy to put away. I love the action packed moment in the courtroom on this one, if only court were really like this, super entertaining to watch! Hope you enjoyed reading, be sure to subscribe or comment down below for additional details and information!




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