Harold Gunderson Suits, What is Harold Gunderson’s Net Worth? And What is Harold’s Strange Personality Profile

My Harold Gunderson Suits blog post will go into detail on why Harold might just be the weirdest character in all of Suits, nice guy, just a bit strange, and possibly a little bit on the spectrum. With that being said, he is a fun character to watch on TV, and his actual net worth number is not that bad. I would estimate he likely has around $500,000 in net worth and a $250,000 or $300,000 per year salary if he played his cards right by the end of the show.

His personality profile however is where he really shines, he just does not have the typical personality profile of a lawyer, and it is something that makes his character so strange, unique and funny to watch. Read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information on all things Suits information! Other characters that we will cover on this website from Suits and other shows include the following:

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Harold Gunderson Suits, How Much Money Does Harold Draw in Salary, and What is Harold Gunderson’s Net Worth Estimate?

Consequently, I’ve always liked how Harold and Mike worked so well together. Mike was nice enough to create a friendship with him and had good enough people skills to be able to work with him and to always treat him with respect. Mike was really the only character on the show that did this for him, and I thought that was a cool touch on their character development. Aside from that, let’s talk Turkey, here’s my take on how much money Harold made:

$250,000 per year when he was at Pearson Specter Litt

Once he hopped firms, with Mike Ross’s help, he likely made in the range of $300,000

Net worth after the 10 year span of the show could be as high as $750,000 or as low as $300,000 depending on how he saved and invested his money. My guess would be that we split the difference and give him a $500,000 net worth. Not bad considering the somewhat low level people skills he has, but he is smart enough I guess.

What is The Big 5 Personality Profile of Harold Gunderson from Suits?

The big 5 Personality profile of Harold, like I said is something of a weird one. See below:

IQ – high enough as a Law Graduate. Give him 130 here.

Conscientiousness – Moderately hard working, 70th percentile here. He definitely had to work fairly hard to get to the top law firm position he is at now.

Agreeableness – He is VERY agreeable. Full of compassion and a bit of a softie. More weak than anything here. I would give Harold 50th percentile agreeableness here, he can absolutely fight back when he needs to.

Neuroticism – He is VERY neurotic as well, funny how agreeableness and neuroticism tend to go hand in hand….I digress. I would give him 55th percentile for neuroticism. Obviously he is not so neurotic that he can’t go to work, but he has more anxiety than your average bear, at least in the show.

Openness –  40th percentile for openness, we don’t see a whole lot of creativity in him throughout the show.

Extroversion – Mildly Extroverted, 50th percentile here. Somewhat withdrawn but he does like to chat from time to time.

Final Thoughts on My Harold Gunderson Suits Review, Why He Is The Weirdest Character in the Show

And there you have it! Harold is a bit of a weird character, but he added some arc, plot and character development to Mike Ross’s story, and definitely gave the viewers a laugh or two. He basically served to be the comedic relief guy in the show that everybody bagged on, and I will say that I thought the actor did a fantastic job with his character here. Hope you enjoyed, stay tuned for more Suits content!




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